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List of Approved Establishments in Veterinary and Zootechnical Fields and Approved Laboratories in accordance with Council Directive 2008/73/EC



(I) Establishments in the Veterinary Field 

1. Assembly Centres

List of Assembly Centres for Export of Live Animals (xls 30Kb) 

2. Dealers

List of Dealers in Live Animals (xls 214Kb) 

List of Dealers in Live Animals without Premises (xls 33Kb) 

3. Semen Collection and Storage Centres

Bovine Semen Collection Centres (doc 33Kb) 

Equine Semen Collection Centres (doc 37Kb) 

Porcine Semen Collection Centres (doc 30Kb) 

Table of Bovine Semen Storage Centres (doc 36Kb) 

Ovine & Caprine Semen Storage Centre (doc 26Kb) 

Equine Semen Storage Centre (doc 29Kb) 

Porcine Semen Storage Centres (doc 29Kb) 

4. Embryo Collection & Production Teams

Table of Bovine Embryo Collection/Production Team (doc 41Kb) 

Equine Embryo Collection/Production Team (doc 25Kb) 

Ovine Embryo Collection/Production Team (doc 28Kb) 

Porcine Embryo Collection/Production Team (doc 27Kb) 

5. Quarantine Facilities or Centres

Approved Quarantine Facilities or Centres (doc 25Kb) 

6. Establishments for Poultry

List of poultry establishments under Council Directive 90/539 (doc 183Kb) 

7. Bodies, Institutes and Centres

List of Approved Bodies, Institutes and Centres under Council Directive 92/65/EEC (doc 28Kb) 

(II) Establishments in the Zootechnical Field

1. Bodies approved or recognised for maintaining or establishing a herd-book, flock-book or studbook.

Approved Bovine Herd Books (doc 55Kb) 

 Approved Porcine Bodies (doc 33Kb) 

 Approved Ovine Flock Books (doc 29Kb) 

 Approved Caprine Flock Books (doc 24Kb) 

 Approved Equine Stud Books (doc 40Kb) 

2. Criteria laid down for the distribution of funds for the safeguard, development and improvement of breeding (Directive 90/428/EEC)

Criteria for Distribution of Funds (doc 24Kb) 

3. Equine competitions falling under the derogation from the principle of non-discrimination (Council Directive 90/428)


 (III) Laboratories

1. National Reference Laboratories

List of National Reference Laboratories (doc 35Kb) 

2. Other Laboratories

List of Other Laboratories (doc 24Kb) 

Trichinella Testing EU Reg 882_2004 (doc 29Kb)