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National Genotype Programme (NGP) (Voluntary Scheme)

NGP assists flock owners in selecting breeding sheep that are less susceptible to Scrapie. Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) is the commercial laboratory approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to provide a blood testing service to determine the genotype of the sheep.

Participation in the NGP involves a flock owner applying to the Department to have National Sheep Identification System (NSIS) identified sheep genotyped. S/he designates a Private Veterinary Practitioner to take blood samples. A "Lab- Form" containing details relating to the flock owner, the designated PVP and the tag numbers of the sheep to be tested will be generated and issued to the designated PVP.

SAC is responsible for the supply of blood sampling kits and the instructions for use. The transfer of blood samples to the laboratory is a matter between the flock owner, the PVP and the laboratory.

The laboratory transmits electronically to the Department the result of each individual test and the Department then issues the flock owner with an NGP Certificate that states the genotype of each of the sheep tested.

National Genotype Help-Line 053 9163437


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