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Food Wise 2025: Local Roots, Global Reach

Promoting Food Wise 2025 in the US

The US market continues to offer significant export opportunities for Ireland’s agri-food sector. In 2015, the US became our second most important market after the UK, with exports of almost €870m. The US public continue to be fascinated by the sustainability journey our sector is on. More than ever, people want to know how their food is produced and this creates a fantastic opportunity for Irish sustainable, family farm produced, grass fed beef and dairy products.

The Department’s US agriculture attaché, Dale Crammond, working closely with Bord Bia, Enterprise Ireland and embassy personnel, has helped promote Food Wise 2025 and Origin Green to a wide audience.

The Little Milk Company

The Little Milk Company acts as the product development and marketing body for 10 organic milk producers located throughout Ireland. The Little Milk Company has multi award winning cheeses and is establishing a strong market at home and abroad. Two of their products: Organic Brie and Mature Cheddar are available in Mariano’s, a Chicago based premium supermarket chain.

The Little Milk Company have shown a commitment to sustainability since they began organic farming and are members of Origin Green. They have shown that they are willing to take action and farm in a sustainable way, mindful of animal husbandry and the effect we all can have on the land around us.

Kerrigan’s Mushrooms

Kerrigan’s Mushrooms are one of Ireland’s leading producers of mushrooms, and the first mushroom grower to obtain Origin Green Status for Sustainability Credentials. All of their mushrooms are picked, packed and delivered to our customers on the same day to guarantee freshness. They are looking at introducing new innovative ideas, of developing branding and packaging to communicate and educate customers on tasty ideas and recipes using the best quality mushrooms.

Brookfield Farm

Brookfield Farm specialises in delivering artisan food fresh from farm to kitchen. They carefully produce delicious wild flower honey, farm made beeswax candles and tender lambs. Sustainable farming produces delicious farm food, minimally processed. They participated in the successful Acorns programme and were awarded alumnus IFOAM (Organics International) Global Organic Agriculture Leaders programme scholarship winner 2015.

Dee’s Wholefoods

Dee’s Wholefoods has launched its innovative 100% vegan sausages in the UK. The products were developed by working closely with BIM at its Seafood Development Centre in Clonakilty with the support of Enterprise Ireland. The sausages are low calorie, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, wheat free, GMO free and completely free from artificial additives. The demand for meatfree food is increasing as consumers are becoming more aware of what they eat, how its produced and if its produced sustainably and the impact it has on the environment. Dee’s Whole foods also include vegan burgers, veg pots and quinoa pots.

Bia Food Initiative

Bia Food Initiative is an Irish charity formed in 2012 that provides a socially responsible, environmentally sensitive, business friendly alternative to wasting good food. It has three depots in Cork, Dublin and Galway. It acts as bridge between the Irish Food Industry and local charities to allow the safe and secure redistribution of surplus food from Irish Food businesses to local charities that can use that food.

Carlow Brewing Company

Carlow Brewing Company is one of Ireland’s leading independent craft breweries with its award winning range of O’Hara’s craft beers. It is celebrating 20 years in the business. Each beer is crafted using classic brewing methods to create the traditional Irish beers styles that have long since been forgotten by many of the larger breweries. Only four main ingredients: water, malts, hops and yeast are used to produce the highest quality craft beer range. They are verified Origin Green members and work closely with Bord Bia on trade events including beer tastings.