Dept of Agriculture Food Wise 2025

Centre for Consumer Insights

Food Wise 2025 recommended that the development of a Centre for Consumer Insight be pursued by relevant sectoral stakeholders. Such a centre would identify key consumer trends and insights in specific markets and inform the industry on further product innovation and product development research. The goal would be to develop solutions that would be easier to commercialise and would focus on value-added solutions driven by market demand.

Bord Bia’s centre for consumer insights, The Thinking House opened in June. It will be a world-class insights and innovation centre. This centralised innovation hub will offer client companies access to cutting-edge global research, and opportunities to host focus groups and other events that take full advantage of Bord Bia’s research and innovation resources. The Thinking House will be a state-of-the-art, outward looking, and world class facility and will be supported by an increase in the number of Bord Bia marketing specialists working in the areas of qualitative research, data mining and analysis, brand and innovation.

The vision for the Thinking House is to elevate Ireland as a 21st century contemporary food producing nation that commercialises food production in line with genuine consumer needs.

Consumer Lifestyle Trends

Bord Bia’s Trend Trackers is a new initiative to keep Irish food and drink companies up-to-date with what’s happening from around the world. As well as Ireland, they have personnel in 17 markets overseas whose remit is to bring companies what’s new in these markets – including new products, innovative packaging, quirky menu ideas or something weird and wacky that just may spark off an idea for an Irish business (