Dept of Agriculture Food Wise 2025

Progress to Date

It is a year on from the publication and launch of Food Wise 2025. Food Wise 2025 is a strategic plan developed by leading experts from the agri-food sector and sets out in detail a ten year strategic plan for sector. It underlines the sector’s unique and special position within the Irish economy, and it illustrates the potential which exists for this sector to grow even further. Food Wise 2025 sets a course for the industry of innovative and sustainable growth over the next decade.

Food Wise 2025 identifies the opportunities, challenges, advantages and constraints ahead and devises an enabling strategy that will allow the sector to grow and prosper. Food Wise 2025 is a statement of intent. Its essential message is that if we follow the actions identified in the strategy, we can expect to achieve the following growth projections by 2025:

  • a 85% increase in the value of exports to €19 billion
  • a 70% increase in the sector’s value addition to the economy to over €13 billion
  • a 65% increase in the value of primary production to €10 billion and
  • the creation of 23,000 additional jobs all along the supply chain from producer level to high-end valueadded product development.

2025 Growth Projections

There are over 400 actions to implement to achieve these ambitious projections.

The theme of Food Wise 2025 is “Local Roots, Global Reach”, reflecting the importance of gaining a deep understanding of what consumers, often in distant markets, really want, and communicating those messages back to Irish farmers and food companies. Equally important is to communicate key messages about what makes Irish food unique to the international market.

Now is an opportune time to review the process that has been achieved to date and set out a decisive and achievable strategic plan of action for the next 12 months.

“The theme of Food Wise 2025 is “Local Roots, Global Reach”, reflecting the importance of gaining a deep understanding of what consumers, often in distant markets, really want.”

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of the Food Wise strategy. An Environmental Analysis was carried out in parallel with the development of the Food Wise strategy, and fed into the process. In response to the final Environmental Analysis Report, the Food Wise Implementation Plan (published in December 2015) has added several new sustainability actions to the implementation process.

The Food Wise High Level Implementation Committee (HLIC) was established to coordinate the State response and has met six times in the last year and is chaired by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The HLIC is committed to designing a robust implementation process to monitor progress and deliver on the ambitious projections in Food Wise 2025. To aid the HLIC, an Environmental Sustainability Subgroup and a Meat Implementation Group have been established to monitor and drive the implementation of the sustainability and meat actions.

Progress on Food Wise actions

Of the 414 actions in the Food Wise Implementation Plan, 330 were due to commence in 2015 and/or 2016. Of these 330 actions, 28% have been achieved or substantial action has been undertaken; and a further 67% have commenced and are progressing well.

Value of Irish agri-food exports, 2015 and Top 10 destinations