Dept of Agriculture Food Wise 2025

Three key actions for 2017/2018

1. Creation of a ‘one stop shop’ that would attract and inform individuals of the benefits of working and having a career in the food and beverages sector.

This is one of the key recommendations arising from the 2017 Report of Future Skills Needs in the Food and Drinks Sector which was launched in April.

The ‘one stop shop’ will include both private and public sectors and this could be further considered as it may enhance the associated image issue perceived from the sector; for example ‘’ .

The portal would look at:

Employer branding: there are a number of employers of choice in some areas of the food and beverages sector who have branded their organisation well, however the same effort may not be there for SME’s.

The challenge to retain staff in industry and possible solutions:

  • Employer reputation programme through social media – telling the story of an existing employee;

  • Reaching out to European countries to recruit;

  • Some automation of services (where feasible and not affecting consumer focus)

2. High Level Innovation Team

Action 187: Establish a high level core team to review current agri-food sector innovation capacity, the utilisation of this capacity and to better market the Irish agri-food sector’s innovation capabilities.

This action will be split into two elements:

  1. Establish a high level core team to review current agri-food sector innovation capacity and the utilisation of this capacity;

A high level core team of experienced personnel will be established to highlight the understanding, awareness and capabilities for Irish agri-food innovation. The objective of this high level core team will be:

Act as a ‘sounding board’ for Ireland’s DAFM and the food and beverages agencies and sectors in innovation issues in support of the achievements of the innovation goals outlined in Food Wise 2025 and act as ‘thought leaders’ for innovation across Irish based food and beverages industry;

Advise on the vision and on new ways to promote to the industry the need to increase investment in innovation to improve competitiveness, and the opportunity to diversify into new markets.

2. Better market the Irish agri-food sector’s innovation capabilities

Enterprise Ireland will put in place an internal team to prepare a tender for external assistance relating to the development of world class collateral on the agri-food innovation ecosystem in Ireland. The team will work with external parties to develop world class collateral including:

  • Development of case studies to provide clear evidence on the benefits of undertaking investment in innovation from in-company research and development to collaborative and commissioned research;

  • Development of Ireland’s ‘USP’ in innovation and key messaging that will tie in with SmartFood Ireland and Origin Green

  • Messaging for Irish based industry and to attract increased FDI prospects;

  • Launch of the (updated) SmartFood Ireland website and brand;

  • Video and print marketing collateral.

3. Market Prioritisation

In response to Brexit, DAFM have commissioned Bord Bia to undertake a market profiling exercise for potential third- country and EU markets for Irish exports. Bord Bia identify priority markets across the food and drink categories, which can be targeted for promotion, access applications and trade missions. This exercise will provide an invaluable tool for Irish exporters and DAFM and its agencies in determining the strategic priorities for agri food trade.