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Mobile Updates

The Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine has recently introduced a new text message service to keep farmers informed on important issues and filing deadlines. 

The use of this facility will be carefully managed and will include notifications relating to scheme reminders (e.g. SPS closing dates), Farm Safety, Animal Health, etc., as well as alerts of new information posted on the DAFM website.

This new facility will further improve the Departments’ customer service and be of assistance to the various sectors. Customers will be offered the opportunity to opt out of this service at any time they wish by a free return text.

If you wish to avail of this service and have not yet given the Department your current mobile number, you can do so by filling in the form below and returning it to the department by one of the following methods.


Please save the form below, and once you have filled in all the required information, attach the form to an email and send to

Contacts Updates Sign Up Form (doc 74Kb) 

Once you have filled in all the required information, send the form to: 

CCS Section,
Customer Updates,
Department of Agriculture,Food and the Marine,
Government Buildings, Farnham Street,

Any queries in relation to this service can be sent to this address or by email to

Text Alerts Launched

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine launched the text alert message service in April 2012.

All texts were issued from Number: 50123. 

In April 2014 we moved to a new number. Texts will now issue from 50777.

2012 Text Alerts

2013 Text Alerts

A message issued from 50123 on 14/01/2014 to over 12,000 herdowners advising them of upcoming forestry clinics. It contained the following wording

"Thinking of forestry? Attend a Forestry Clinic Jan 20-31. Details from your Teagasc office or To opt out freetext DAFM OPTOUT to 50123"

A message issued from 50123 on 27/01/2014 to eligible customers advising them of Forestry premiums. It contained the following wording

"Forestry 2014 Premiums are now being paid to online applicants. Claim yours now at To opt out freetext DAFM OPTOUT to 50123"

A message issued from 50123 on 25/03/2014 to over 97,000 herdowners advising them of changes to the Regional Veterinary Laboratories. It contained the following wording

"Regional Veterinary Laboratories changes from 31 March will affect service users.More details at: To opt out freetext DAFM OPTOUT to 50123"

A message issued from 50777 on 14/04/2014 to over 14,000 herdowners advising them of the new Financial Self-Service on It contained the following wording

"View all of your financial transactions online. DAFM’s Financial Self-Service is now added to your profile.To optout freetext DAFM OPTOUT to 50777"