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RSF Funded Plant Production & Health Projects

Project Title Project Co-ordinator Collaborating Institutions Status
RSF 06 330 Investigations into the biological and genetic control of fatty acid levels in perennial ryegrass (pdf 8Kb) 
Dr. Tommy Boland UCD, Teagasc Oakpark Complete
Final Report RSF 06 330 (pdf 390Kb) 
RSF 06 342 Coexistence of GM and non GM crops: modelling the effects of cropping systems on gene flow from herbicide tolerant oilseed rape (pdf 53Kb) 
Dr Ewen Mullins Teagasc Oakpark, Teagasc RERC, TCD Complete
Final Report 06 342 (pdf 435Kb) 
RSF 06 346 Development of H NMR based metabolomics to benefit marker assisted breeding of perennial ryegrass (pdf 32Kb) 
Dr. Susanne Barth Teagasc Oakpark, SCRI/University of Dundee Complete
Final Report RSF 06 346 (pdf 160Kb) 
RSF 06 348 Managing bumblebee imports to maintain pollinator diversity and increase efficiency in horticultural production (pdf 8Kb) 
Dr. Finbarr Hogan Teagasc Oakpark & Kinsealy,IT Carlow Complete
Final Report RSF 06 348 (pdf 505Kb) 
RSF 06 377 Elucidation of the potential contribution of biocontrol and biofertiliser inoculants to low-input crop production using genomic, metabolic and conventional research methodologies (pdf 8Kb) 
Dr Fiona Doohan UCD, UCC Complete
Final Report RSF 06 377 (pdf 502Kb) 
RSF 07 501 Developing sustainable low-input fodder and energy maize production systems for temperate conditions (pdf 8Kb) 
Dr. Thomas F. Gallagher UCD, Teagasc, DAFF, Seedtech Complete
Final Report RSF 07 501 (pdf 479Kb) 
RSF 07 532 Enhancing management practices to maintain the sustainability of current potato systems (pdf 51Kb) 
Dr. Ewen Mullins Teagasc Oakpark, RERC, NUIM UCD Ongoing
RSF 07 534 Development of Apomixis technology for agriculture (pdf 34Kb) 
Dr. Charles Spillane UCC Complete
Final Report RSF 07 534 (pdf 576Kb) 
RSF 07 566 Developing advanced technologies and resources for conventional and "omics"- based white clover breeding strategies (pdf 33Kb) 
Dr. Susanne Barth Teagasc Oakpark, UCD, DCU,DAFF Backweston Complete
Final Report RSF 07 566 (pdf 545Kb) 
RSF 07 567 An integrated Biosciences Platform for the future control of Potato late blight on the Island of Ireland (pdf 34Kb) 
Dr. Denis Griffin Teagasc Oakpark, AFBI, University of Wales- Bangor Ongoing
RSF 07 507 Isolation of novel anti-phytopathogen agents from soil bacteria using metagenomic tools (pdf 8Kb) 
Prof. Alan Dobson UCC, UCD Ongoing
RSF 07 514 Investigating the potential of brassinostyeroid-mediated plant disease resistance for plant disease control (pdf 8Kb) 
Dr. Sunil Kumar Gujulla UCD Ongoing
RSF 07 533 Willow selection for resistance to herbivore damage using predictive climate change and GIS modelling (pdf 9Kb) 
Dr. Michael Gaffney Teagasc Oakpark, Teagasc Athenry NUIM Ongoing
RSF 07 547 Mushroom Virus X disease: Understanding the factors which trigger "brown mushroom" symptom expression as a means to improve diagnosis and control (pdf 35Kb) 
Dr. Helen Grogan Teagasc Kinsealy, DIT, AFBI Complete
Final Report RSF 07 547 (pdf 536Kb) 
RSF 07 553 Characterisation of salivary proteins from cereal aphids towards novel methods of pest management (pdf 8Kb) 
Dr. Tom Wilkinson UCD, University of York Complete
Final Report RSF 07 553 (pdf 549Kb)