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Submissions received from the public consultation on a review of Mackerel allocation policy between the Fleet Segments



Proposal: Review of Mackerel allocation policy between the fleet segments.

Public Consultation: A public consultation process on the proposal ran from 10th January 2017 to 28th February 2017 which requested all interested stakeholders to submit their views electronically or by post. During the consultation period, 318 individual submissions and 35 representations were received. A list of replies received is below and the submissions and representations are attached in the appendices, where consent for such publication was given by the parties in question.

All information relating to the Public Consultation process is available to view at:

2017 Mackerel Consultation


  • Irish South & West Fish Producers Organisation
  • Irish South & East Fish Producers Organisation
  • Killybegs Fishermens Organisation
  • Irish Fish Producers Organisation

Appendix 1 (doc 9,921Kb) 


  • National Inshore Fisheries Forum
  • West Regional Inshore Fisheries Forum
  • South West Regional Inshore Fisheries Forum
  • South East Regional Inshore Fisheries Forum
  • Inver Traditional Inshore Fishermens Association
  • Irish Islands Marine Resource Organisation
  • Aine Fishing Co Ltd
  • Antarctic Fishing Co. Ltd.
  • Antarctic Polyvalent Fishing Co. Ltd.

Appendix 2 (doc 9,656Kb) 


  • Killybegs Fishing Enterprises Ltd on behalf of fishermen of various RSW vessels

Appendix 2 (doc 9,656Kb) , Appendix 3 (doc 9,845Kb)  & Appendix 4 (doc 8,680Kb) 


  • Donegal Fish Merchants Association
  • Doyle Fishing Co Ltd.
  • Westward Isle Fishing Ltd.
  • Gallagher Bros (Fish Merchants) Ltd.
  • Island Seafoods (19 submissions)
  • Killybegs Seafoods

Appendix 4 (doc 8,680Kb) 


  • Killybegs Seafoods Unlimited  (4 submissions)
  • Killybegs Seafoods Unlimited  (28 submissions)
  • Killybegs Seafoods Unlimited  (8 submissions)
  • Olgarry Fishing Co Ltd
  • O'Shea Fishing Co Ltd
  • Premier Trawlers Ltd FD Premier Fishing
  • Mullglen Ltd (MFV Pacelli)
  • Polar Fish Co.
  • Quest Fishing Ltd
  • Karl McHugh Atlantic Dawn Group
  • Christine Sweeney Atlantic Dawn Group
  • Christopher Atlantic Dawn Group
  • Conor Meehan Atlantic Dawn Group
  • Lisa Kennedy Atlantic Dawn Group
  • Westward Isle Fishing Co. Ltd
  • Seamus Tully on behalf of: Western Seaboard Fishing Co., Ltd Killybegs Fishing Enterprises Ltd, Westward Isle Fishing Ltd, Carmarose Trawling Co, Ltd Colmcille Fishing Ltd

Appendix 5 (doc 8,685Kb) 


  • Premier Fish Products (49 signatures plus 39 submissions)
  • Keelbawn Fishing Co Ltd and ODHL Ltd.
  • Knollway Ltd
  • ODS Fishing Ltd
  • RBG Fish Sales Ltd
  • O'Cáthain Iasc Teo   
  • Eternal Dawn Ltd. 
  • Iasc mara Teo.
  • Ilen Seafoods ltd. 
  • Iuda Naofa Ltd
  • LBD Engineering
  • Four registered southern pelagic processors
  • Fast Fish Ltd
  • Crayden Fishing
  • Michael Cavanagh Fishing Ltd
  • Sparkling Star Ltd
  • Tom Kennedy Fishing

Appendix 6 (doc 10,079Kb) 


  • Tatten Trawlers
  • Pat the Cope Gallagher TD
  • Claire Tully Western Seaboard Fishing Co
  • Michael Cavanagh Chairman Killybegs Fishermans Organisation
  • Thomas Pringle TD
  • Daniel Melly Artic Fish Processing Co
  • Hugh O'Hagan Artic Fish Processing Co
  • Karl McHugh Artic Fish Processing Co
  • Philip Kelly Artic Fish Processing Co
  • Brendan Price MFV Father McKee
  • Evan Farren MFV Father McKee
  • Francis Cavanagh MFV Father McKee
  • Deaglan O'Conaire MFV Father McKee
  • Shane Kelly MFV Father McKee
  • Trevor Murrin MFV Father McKee
  • Philip Cavanagh MFV Father McKee
  • Olga Cassidy MFV Olgarry on behalf of five Olgarry crewmen
  • Garry McGing Skipper MFV Olgarry
  • John McGing MFV Olgarry
  • Marty McGing MFV Olgarry
  • Annette Oglesby MFV Neptune
  • Martin Oglesby MFV Neptune
  • Eileen Oglesby MFV Neptune
  • 10 crew members of the MFV Neptune
  • 11 crew members of the MFV Aine

Appendix 7 (doc 10,237Kb) 


  • Ciaran Doherty MFV Aine
  • 8 crew members of the MFV Pacelli
  • Michael Callaghan MFV Pacelli
  • Brendan Gill MFV Brendelen
  • Charlie McLaughlin MFV Brendelen
  • Gerard Cavanagh MFV Brendelen
  • Gerard Gill MFV Brendelen
  • Jonathan Gill MFV Brendelen
  • Peter Doherty MFV Brendelen
  • Stephen Gill MFV Brendelen
  • Terry Harkin MFV Brendelen
  • Andrew Chapman
  • Bertie Gillan
  • Ciaran Cunningham
  • Conor McBrearty
  • Conor White
  • David Kelly
  • Jason Brennan
  • John Boyle MFV Aine
  • Karl Rose
  • Kevin McNelis
  • Kevin  McHugh
  • Martin Murrin
  • Noel Conaghan
  • Paul Carbery
  • Paul Kinsella
  • Pauric Conneely
  • Ronan Boyle
  • Sean Brennan
  • Shane Cunningham
  • Shane Rose
  • Shinerskettle
  • Tomas Conneely

Appendix 8 (doc 8,712Kb) 


  • Billy Broderick MFV Felucca
  • Denis Carbery Skipper MFV Felucca
  • Jonathan Craig MFV Felucca
  • Martin Murchan MFV Felucca
  • Pat O'Toole MFV Felucca
  • Rory Murray MFV Felucca
  • Brendan O'Gorman MFV Veronica
  • Ruaidhrí Leslie MFV Veronica
  • Tony Linnane MFV Veronica
  • Christopher Craig MFV Vigilant
  • Donal O' Neill MFV Vigilant
  • John Melly MFV Vigilant
  • Liam O'Riordan MFV Vigilant
  • Marc Gallagher MFV Vigilant
  • Martin Gallagher MFV Vigilant
  • Niall Garrihy MFV Vigilant
  • Ciaran Boyle MFV Antarctic
  • Damien O'Donnell MFV Antarctic
  • Declan Haughey MFV Antarctic
  • John T. Murrin MFV Antarctic
  • Rory Mc Nelis MFV Antarctic
  • Simon Coyler MFV Antarctic
  • Stephen O'Donnell MFV Antarctic
  • Val Smith MFV Antarctic
  • Conal Mc Brearty MFV Girl Stephanie
  • Peter Boston MFV Girl Stephanie
  • Damien Gillespie MFV Girl Stephanie
  • Gerard Mc Guinness MFV Sheanne
  • Jason Moore Skipper MFV Sheanne
  • Kevin Byrne MFV Sheanne
  • Kevin Byrne Chief Engineer MFV Sheanne
  • Peter Mogan MFV Sheanne
  • Ronan White MFV Genesis II
  • Five crew members of the Ronan Ross
  • John D O'Sullivan MFV Ronan Ross
  • Paul D O'Sullivan MFV Ronan Ross
  • Adrian O'Sullivan MFV Sarah David
  • David Minihane MFV Sarah David
  • Ross Minihane Ocean Venture II
  • Ryan Murphy MFV Menhaden
  • Sean O'Sullivan MFV Cisemair
  • Sean O'Donnell MFV Atlantic Quest
  • Stephen Joyce Oilean an Oir
  • Barra O'Fatharta
  • Greagoir O'Cathasaigh
  • Alan Carelton MFV Syracuse
  • Brian Lowney MFV Kayleigh
  • Donal Kennedy MFV Atlantic Fisher
  • James Orpen Owner & Skipper MFV Stephanie
  • Gerard Sheehy MFV Endurance
  • Michael Meade MFV Buddy M

Appendix 9 (doc 6,429Kb) 



  • Philip Cavanagh Cavankee Fishing Company Ltd
  • Francis O'Donnell CEO IFPO
  • Sean O'Donoghue CEO KFO
  • Charlie McGonagle TD on behalf of Philip Cavanagh
  • Joe McHugh TD
  • Kevin Downey
  • Michael Ring TD on behalf of Noel McGing
  • Ryan Murphy
  • Marc Gallagher MFV Vigilant
  • Eileen Oglesby MFV Neptune
  • Martin Oglesby MFV Neptune
  • Annette Oglesby
  • Marty McGing MFV Olgarry
  • Garry McGing MFV Olgarry
  • Olga Cassidy on behalf of 5 Crew of the MFV Olgarry: Declan Lovett, Owen Coll, Oliver Haughey, Martin Byrne & James McCloskey
  • Pat the Cope Gallagher TD
  • Arctic Fish Processing (25 employees)
  • Ricky Keane O'Cáthain Iasc Teo
  • Tom Kennedy Tom Kennedy Fishing
  • Fenian Keane Dingle Fishing Ltd
  • Michael Ring TD on behalf of Cathal Groonell who submits on behalf of 1.Iasc Mara Teo 2. Ilen Seafood Ltd 3.O'Catháin Iasc Teo  4.CTB Fishermens Co-op
  • Eric Murphy Crayden Fishing Co. Ltd
  • Johnny Orpen Orpen Fishing Co. Ltd
  • Eamonn Orpen
  • Dermot Sheehy Ilen Seafoods Ltd
  • Jim Daly TD on behalf of IS&WFPO
  • Michael Ring TD on behalf of John Orpen
  • Michael Ring TD on behalf of Cathal Groonell Iasc Mara Teo
  • Deirdre Clune MEP on behalf of Jason Sheehan
  • Fenian Keane Dingle Fishing Ltd
  • Daniel Healy


  • Donal Kennedy MFV Atlantic Fisher
  • Tom Kennedy Tom Kennedy Fishing
  • John Nolan Castletownbere Fishermens Co-op Ltd

Appendix 10 (doc 7,105Kb)