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Briefing for Ministers 2017

(Redactions reflect exemptions provided for in the Freedom of Information Act 2014)



A. Introduction (pdf 332Kb) 

B. Topical Issues (pdf 628Kb) 


Chapter 1

Business Area 1 - Farm Supports/Payments and Controls (pdf 725Kb) (Paul Dillon, Colm Hayes)

Chapter 2

Business Area 2 - Food Safety and Animal/Plant Health (pdf 1,085Kb) (Martin Blake, Donal Sammin, Bill Callanan)

Chapter 3

Business Area 3 - Strategy and Policy Co-Ordination (pdf 942Kb) (Brendan Gleeson, Brid Cannon)

Chapter 4

Business Area 4 - Seafood (pdf 731Kb) (Cecil Beamish)

Chapter 5

Business Area 5 - Corporate Development (pdf 903Kb) (Vacancy, Sean Keevey, Kevin Smyth)

Chapter 6

State Bodies (pdf 675Kb)