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Browser information

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Browser Information

Recommended Browser

Department applications have been fully tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. We cannot guarantee that the features of applications will work correctly with other versions.

We would strongly recommend that users of the Internet Explorer browser upgrade to version IE8.

Other browsers mentioned on this page (for information only) may not support all the features of the Department's applications.Clicking on any of the browser supplier link(s) will take you to an external website.

Website Encryption

To ensure that the highest level of security is applied to the information passing between the Department and our Customers, D/AFF uses 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption exclusively.

What is 128 bit SSL Encryption?

128 bit SSL encryption "scrambles" information while it is sent from one computer to another. This prevents the information being viewed by a third party.

How do I check my browser?

If you think you may be using an older version of your browser or wish to see some of the different options available to you then please review the information relating to updating your browser on this page.

Update your browser

If you download a new browser it will appear in your programs folder. (e.g. Press Start, then Programs, then Internet Explorer). Users are free to download a number of different browsers from external websites. We cannot handle support requests for these browsers. If you experience difficulties using the Department applications with any of these other browsers, we would draw your attention to the Recommended Browser IE8 (Internet Explorer 8).

Microsoft Internet Explorer
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2 or 3, you should upgrade your browser to version IE8 , as 128-bit encryption is not possible with these older versions. On the Microsoft websitethere is information about the latest Internet Explorer version and how to upgrade your browser.

All versions of FireFox allow 128-bit encryption by default, and do not require an additional download. On the Mozilla website you can check you are using the current version.

Mozilla 1.6+ allows 128-bit encryption, by default, and does not require an additional download. While still in development Mozilla has mostly been replaced with FireFox. On the Mozilla website you can check for the latest versions of both Mozilla and FireFox.

All versions of Opera allow 128-bit encryption by default, and do not require an additional download. On the Opera websiteyou can check to see you are using the latest version.

Safari (Apple Mac only)
Apple Mac Safari allows 128-bit encryption enabled by default. On the Apple website there is more information about this browser and you can check that you are using the latest version.