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Animal Identification & Movement (AIM) Tutorial videos

The following tutorial videos show how to use the AIM system to perform some common tasks performed by herd keepers online. Learn how to sign up to use the bovine electronic herd register, view your herd profile, view movements into and out of your herd, register calves online, what to do if you don’t receive an animal passport, apply for and print a compliance certificate and how to sign up to and stop using a Farm Software Provider.

Bovine Electronic Herd Register

How to sign up to use the AIM Bovine Electronic Herd Register. Once you do this you are no longer required to maintain the manual herd register - Blue Book.

Herd Profile and View Inward & Outward Movements

How to use the Herd Profile facility to view animals in your herd. You may also view animal information such as date of birth, gender, most recent TB test date and other details. This video also illustrates how to display movements into and out of your herd for a specific period.

Online Calf Registration

How to use the AIM online registration facility to register the birth of a calf in your herd.

Apply for Compliance Certificate

A tutorial video that demonstrates how to apply for a compliance certificate to move animals out of your herd.

Search and Print a Certificate of Compliance

This tutorial video shows you shows you how to search for and print Compliance Certificates you have previously applied for.

Sign up to a Farm Software Provider

There are a number of Farm Software Providers (FSP) approved to interact with the AIM system. In order to start using one of their software packages you must sign up to them on AIM. This tutorial video shows how to achieve this.

End date a Farm Software Provider

In order to remove permission for a Farm Software Provider to access or update your data you must end date your relationship with them. This tutorial video takes you through the process.