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Information on Agriculture Agents

Farmer's Agents

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine has decided that Agriculture Agents, who, in the context of this pilot project will be deemed by the Department to be suitably qualified planners/ advisors/ consultants, can be registered with the Department for the purpose of submitting on-line SPS applications on behalf of their clients.


A specific application form to register as an Agriculture Agent is available from the Department, Agent/Agency Registration Form - Form DAFMReg 1 (pdf 413Kb) .

Following the registration of the Agent, farmers can apply to the Department to authorise registered agents to submit SPS applications on their behalf using the On-Line process. Farmers can authorise up to two registered Agents provided that they are employed by the same concern. To this end, an Authorisation Form, Applicant Authorisation Form for Individual(s) - DAFM Auth 1 (pdf 492Kb)  for individuals or partnerships, or Applicant Authorisation Form for Company - DAFM Auth 2 (pdf 528Kb) for companies, must be completed by both the farmer and the Agent(s) and returned to the Department.

The farmer or his or her Agent(s) may cancel this Authorisation at any stage by notifying the Department accordingly using Termination of Online Authorisation From - DAFM Auth 3 (pdf 447Kb) . Copies of all forms are available from the Department's Local Offices, by contacting the Lo-Call Number 1890 252 118 or by clicking here.

Authorisation of an Agent by a farmer will permit that Agent to access all details in relation to that farmer's Single Farm Payment, including details of payment entitlements, land, correspondence with the Department etc. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or liability to the client resulting from the use by an Agency/Agent of the SPS Internet application to submit an SPS application on behalf of a client. Full responsibility for the data submitted online rests with the agency/agent and the client concerned. The Agent authorised by the farmer may also submit to the Department, on that farmer's behalf, such SPS details in such format as may be required from time to time by the Department.


Click here if you wish to print a form pertaining to Agents.