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Services Available on

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BPS - provides access to the following options in relation to your applications under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS):


Complete and submit:

  • your BPS application online
  • edit maps online relating to your land parcels/plots
  • your Greening requirements on Crop Diversification and Ecological Focus Areas (EFA)
  • upload correspondence
  • a BPS Amendment application online


  • the details of BPS Applications previously submitted by you
  • the current status of your BPS application, including land details
  • printable colour maps for your land parcels




  • information relating to BPS Entitlements.



  • printable copies of BPS/SPS related correspondence with the Department
  • Payment details on past and present schemes
  • Details on Greening Requirements
  • Nitrates information

Details of Single Payment Scheme applications in the 2005-2014 periods, including:

  • Scanned images of application forms and correspondence
  • Details of land parcels for each year
  • Maps relating to the applicant's holding in each year

Animal Identification and Movements(AIM)

Provides access to Animal Identification and Movements including:

Calf Birth Registration facility which allows you to register the birth of a calf online.

Cattle Herd Register facility which allows farmers to use AIM online as their farm herd register which they are required by law to maintain (blue book).  

Herd Profile Enquiry facility which allows farmers to view details of cattle in their herds as recorded on AIM as well as movements in to and out of their herds.

If using this facility to complete Animal Health Certificate 2016, please see .

Compliance Certificate facility which allows farmers to apply for and print online compliance certificates which are required for certain cattle movements.

Online Movement Notification facility which allows

  • Farmers to notify the movement of cattle from farm to farm
  • Animal dealers to notify the movement of cattle

Third Party Access – the keeper may authorise a third party to carry out the above on their behalf.  

A real-time web service with Farm Management Software which enable the farmer to use their software to interact with AIM for each of the above.

Forestry Services

IFORIS Internet allows Registered Foresters:

  • To track online the progress of any pre-approval Forestry application submitted by that Registered Forester since 1 January 2008.
  • To map and submit new pre-approval (Form 1) applications online for the Afforestation, FEPS and Forest Roads Schemes.
  • To access ortho-photography for the entire country, Environmental Statutory Designations and other relevant datasets to assist with Forestry applications.

Farmers or individuals interested in making an application for Forestry Schemes should contact a Registered Forester who will advise on the best options available. A list of Registered Foresters is available here.

IFORIS Internet also allows Forest Owners registered for online services with the Department to apply for the Forestry annual premium online. Forest Owners currently not registered can register here.

Financial Self-Services(FSS)

DAFM Financial Self-Services is the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s online payment and account enquiry application for Customers.  The application is fully integrated to the Department’s back-end accounting modules and essentially becomes the secure communications channel between the customer/vendor (on the web) and the Department’s accounting system.

Customers of the Department will access DAFM Financial Self-Services securely from the Single-Sign-On (SSO) through

DAFM Financial Self-Services presents Invoice and Payment data from the accounts system to the customer/vendor. The customer/vendor can carry out the following activities within the application:

  • View their accounting data, including open invoices/overpayments and historical invoices and payments.
  • Pay invoices/overpayments electronically with Debit/Credit Card (with the back-end accounts system and the bank being updated simultaneously).
  • View/Download & Print Payment Remittances.
  • View/Download & Print Account Statements (including annual Farmer Statements).

The benefits to the Customer:

  • Improved customer service, online/real-time visibility of account status and the ability to make payments online. 

Access and Navigation for: DAFM Financial Self Services (doc 202Kb) 

Application Form for Customers (Companies) to FSS (doc 142Kb) 

Application Form for Customers (Individuals) to FSS (doc 137Kb) 


Other Services

Provides online access to the annual Nitrogen and Phosphorus statements issued by the Department.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine issues Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements each year to farmers who, in the previous year (a) had cattle recorded on the Department's AIM system and (b) made application under the Single Payment Scheme. The Statement sets out the quantities of organic nitrogen and phosphorus produced by your cattle during the previous year. This will give you a clear indication of your organic nitrogen status and help you to establish if you were within the 170kg limit in the previous year. It will also help you to plan for the year ahead and to decide if you need to apply for a derogation.

Please note that the figures shown for nitrogen, phosphorus, area and kg N/ha are taken from the original statements issued to you by the Department and will not change even if there are subsequent updates to AIM or Single Payment Scheme data.
The Nitrates Regulations, Explanatory Handbook, helpsheets and other documentation are available on the Department's website here under Nitrates Information or from: 

Nitrates Section,
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,
Johnstown Castle,
Co. Wexford.
Ph: 053 9163444.

Nitrates Derogation Application

Application for Nitrates Derogation can now be processed online via Once a client is registered, the application form, along with the Fertiliser Plan can be uploaded (PDF or Word format). The Derogation is available to grassland farmers on an individual basis and permits the application up to 250 kgs of organic nitrogen per hectare subject to certain conditions being met. All details can be found on the Departments website

Generic Licensing System

The Department is currently offering a facility to apply for a number of licences on-line that previously were available through postal application only. The first phase of this facility applies to certificates and licences in respect of Veterinary Medicines.

See Information Note on the Cascade (doc 75Kb)  for further information on the available Veterinary Medicine applications (as of July 2013).