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Food Waste Reduction

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine has provided support under the Rural Innovation Development Fund for organisations and economic operators involved in Food Waste Reduction to promote reducing food waste generated by food businesses, retailer/wholesalers or suppliers in rural areas.  A call for proposal issued in February 2020  with the objective of funding activities or items that relate to the promotion and/or development of innovative food waste reduction projects. The maximum amount of funding available to any one project is €100,000 (excl VAT).   

Following evaluation the following three projects were awarded funding for the 2020/2021 period:

  • Clean Technology Centre, Cork Institute of Technology (CTC-CIT) – Continued development and national roll out of the Savour Food programme which offers bespoke support to implement solutions tackling food waste that suit individual needs of engaged businesses, (€98,550)
  • Food Cloud – this project involves the development of technology to alert volunteers when and where surplus food is available and what local charities can accept. It also includes training and recruitment of volunteers “food rescue heroes” (€100,000)
  •  Foodie Save – this is the development of a mobile application (app) which allows businesses in the commercial food sector to sell their unsold surplus food at the end of their business day thereby reducing food waste. (€100,000).