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Notice of application under Council Regulation (EC) 509/2006

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has received an application to have the name `Traditional Pasture Reared Beef' registered as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) under Council Regulation 509/2006.

The application refers to carcases produced from cows, heifers or steers only of the Bos taurus species, with a minimum suckler breed content of 50%, weaned from their mothers at more than 4 (four) months of age and over 20 (twenty) months of age at slaughter.  Any natural or legal person having a legitimate interest and established or resident in Ireland may lodge an objection to the application.

The grounds of admissible objections are set out in Article 9.3 of Council Regulation 509/2006 which is available from this Department (see link below). The time limit for lodgement of objections ends on 21 April 2009.