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Programme of Events

“The Frontline at the Farm Gate”


 Monday 23 November 2020, 18.45 pm, by Minister McConalogue in advance of evening webinar.

Programme of Webinars:

 Date and time


Monday 23 Nov  

18.45 - 20.30

“Fighting Pandemics- the Animal Health Frontiers”

The Minister for Agriculture, Mr Charlie McConalogue, will launch the Animal Health Awareness Week- launch commences at 18.45.

From 7 pm, an overview of the connection between animal health and pandemics, including an international perspective by an expert in this interesting field.

Tuesday 24 Nov

18.55 - 20.30

“What Lies Beneath- Iceberg Diseases in Sheep”

Speakers from the Moredun institute in Scotland and from DAFM describe latest trends in important ovine diseases.

Wednesday 25 Nov

18.55 - 20.30

“The Greatest Asset? Biosecurity and Safeguarding Pig Health” 

A variety of views on protection of pig health, from the point of view of different stakeholders.

Featuring the official launch of the National Biosecurity Strategy.

Thursday 26 Nov

18.55 - 20.30

“Problems and Opportunities-Cattle Health from different perspectives”

Speakers give their views on cattle health, based on their experiences of tackling disease problems.

Features launch of a new Calf Welfare Booklet produced by the Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council.  

Teagasc podcasts:

DAFM speakers will appear as guests on Teagasc podcasts to be released during AHAW, according to the following schedule:

  1. Monday 23rd- Dairy Edge- “Animal Health Awareness Week 2020- an overview.” Michael Horan, Veterinary Inspector, DAFM.
  2. Tuesday 24th- Ovicast- “Sheep health- views from a Regional Vet. Lab. post mortem room”. Maresa Sheehan, Senior Veterinary Research Officer, Kilkenny.
  3. Wednesday 25th- Beef Edge- “Animal Health in Ireland- what the RVLs deliver”. Mícheál Casey, Head of DAFM Regional Veterinary Laboratories.
  4. Friday 27th- Pig Edge “Post-mortems and preparedness- pig health through the laboratory lens.” Margaret Wilson, Senior Veterinary Research Officer, Backweston.

Radio interviews:

DAFM vets will be appearing as guests on various radio shows, including local radio farming programmes, during Animal Health Awareness Week.

Lectures in third level courses:

Several third level education institutions have agreed to host lectures on animal health awareness for their students during Animal Health Awareness Week. Most lectures will be delivered remotely. Participating institutions include Teagasc agricultural colleges, Athlone IT, Dundalk IT, IT Carlow, IT Waterford, Letterkenny IT, University College Dublin and St. John’s College, Cork.

Leaflets and posters:

These will be delivered to locations visited by farmers for display during Animal Health Awareness Week.

Social media campaign:

Watch out for our tweets, Facebook posts and Linked In posts throughout the week! We encourage you to like and share to spread the word about this important initiative.

Other online activities:

Keep an eye out for our online advertisements on platforms such as and online auction sites for marts!