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Aujeszky's Pig Disease Control & Eradication Programme

A national programme for the control and eradication of Aujeszky's disease in pigs was launched in late 2002. The objective of the programme is to eliminate Aujeszky's disease from the national pig herd. The eradication of this disease from Ireland will be of benefit to the whole pig sector by raising the health standard of the national herd and by protecting Irish access to international markets.

Under the programme all pig herds in the country, however small, must be blood tested. Herds are issued with an Aujeszky's disease status based on blood test results, with those positive for the disease implementing a control plan which must include vaccination. Herdowners negative for the disease can protect their status by buying in only from other negative herds. Information on Aujeszky's disease status is shared amongst herdowners through contact with the central pig database.

In May 2010 Ireland officially achieved EU Annex II Aujeszky's disease status. Attaining Annex II status was a very significant milestone in meeting the objective of officially eradicating Aujeszky's disease from Ireland, and it is a clear demonstration of the progress we have made and of the commitment shown by all concerned - pig herd owners, the farm representative bodies and veterinary practitioners.

Phase 3 of the Control and Eradication Programme will launch in 2010 with all herds with 6 or more pigs requiring blood sampling. The ultimate intention following Phase 3 sampling is moving forward to Annex I status - official disease freedom.  

Official elimination of Aujeszky's Disease from the national pig herds will be of significant benefit to the whole Irish pig sector by recognising the health standard of the national herd, by protecting our access to export markets and by allowing Ireland to exploit new market opportunities.

Aujeszky's Helpline: 0761 064 402
Tel: 01 607 2827 (Special Projects Unit)