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Fallen Animals

Fallen Animal Scheme - TSE Subsidy

The Fallen Animal Scheme - TSE Subsidy facilitates the TSE testing of fallen bovine stock of over 48 months only. The information below relates to the keepers obligations for the Fallen Animal Scheme -TSE Subsidy only.

When a keeper has a dead over 48 month bovine, the keeper should contact a collector that has been authorised by DAFM to collect animals over 48 months of age. A list of authorised collectors is available from the local Regional Veterinary Office, from the Fallen Animals Payments Section (053) 9163437 and below for your Convenience.

The keeper must contact a collector within 24 hours of the death of the animal. A record should be kept of the date and time of notification. Collectors authorised to collect adult bovines must collect the animals within 24 hours of the request for a collection being placed by the keeper unless the Department has granted them a specific derogation. In the event that the animal has not been picked up within 24 hours the keeper should bring this matter to the attention of the local RVO.

Carcases awaiting collection must be held in such a way that domestic animals, including farmed livestock, and wild animals cannot gain access to them. Carcasses should be held securely in an enclosed building, or in an area away from livestock under a suitable cover, such as a tarpaulin.

Keepers must complete the owner, knackery and animal details section of the NBAS31D form (will be supplied by the collector) for over 48 month bovines. Keepers must date and sign the form. Keepers must ensure that a date of death is entered for each adult bovine on the form otherwise the form will not be processed by SWS.

Keepers must surrender the passport for all adult bovines collected to the collector. In the event that the keeper does not have the passport, the keeper must obtain a FAL 1 permit from the RVO.

All adult bovines and sheep collected must be identified. In the event that the dead animal has lost all official tags then the collector will insert a temporary tag in the animal’s ear and in the case of cattle the keeper must complete a FAL 2 form supplied by the collector.

Keepers are reminded that bovines, sheep or goats may not be buried on site unless in accordance with a licence issued by the Minister under the national and EU ABP Regulations.

Over 48 month Bovine Keeper’s Contribution

The keeper is required to make the following maximum payment to the collector or approved sub-contractor in respect of the collection service provided.

Adult Bovine €47.61 13.5% €54.03