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Health Certificates for the Export of Horses to Third Countries

Third Country

Type/ Health Certificate


New Australia July 2016 (pdf 463Kb) 

New Australia Appendix B 2016 (pdf 232Kb) 


Official Cert Canada Perm Export 2012 (pdf 70Kb) 

Official Cert Canada Temp Export 2012 (pdf 73Kb) 


China Horse Protocol Signed (pdf 138Kb) 

China Ireland Horse Cert 2015 (pdf 495Kb) 

Hong Kong

Export Certificate for horse Permanently (pdf 83Kb) 

Export Certificate for Horse Temporary (pdf 249Kb) 

Turkey Turkey Horse Cert (pdf 850Kb) 
U.A.E. Permanent UAE (pdf 146Kb) 

IE USA Breeding 2013 (pdf 93Kb) 

IE USA Gelding 2013 Final (pdf 66Kb) 

IE USA Racing 2013 Final (pdf 81Kb) 


Republic of

Temporary Importation of Competition Horse into the Republic of Korea form Ireland (pdf 182Kb) 

For the Returning Competition Horse into the Republic of Korea from Ireland (pdf 169Kb) 

Health Certificate for the Export of a Horse to the Republic of Korea (pdf 309Kb)