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Health Certificates for the Export of Livestock to Third Countries

Third Country

Type/ Health Certificate/ Protocol/ Appendix

Date of Entry into Force


Albania Bovine Animals for Breeding /Production December 2018 Health certificate for import into the Republic of Albania of bovine animals for breeding and/ or production (pdf 100Kb) 

Breeding Cattle

Male Bovines for further feeding/ immediate slaughter

May 2016

Algeria - Breeding Certificate 19.05.16 (pdf 323Kb) 

Algeria - Fattening/ Slaughter Certificate 19.05.16 (pdf 256Kb) 

Armenia Pigs for Breeding October 2014 Agreements with Non-EU countries. Armenia (pdf 421Kb)  
Belarus Pigs for Breeding and Fattening March 2015 Belarus - Pigs for Breeding & Fattening Certificate (pdf 1,041Kb)  
Bosnia and Herzegovina Breeding and/or Production  November 2017 Agreements with Non-EU countries Bosnia and Herzegovina (pdf 723Kb) 
China Pigs for Breeding 2008

China - Pigs Certificate 2012 (pdf 201Kb) 

China - Supplementary Certificate H1N1 January 2012 (pdf 580Kb) 


Breeding  Cattle


Fattening  Cattle


Slaughtering Cattle

April 2019


April 2019


April 2019

Sanitary Certificate for the exportation of breeding cattle to Egypt (pdf 451Kb) 

Sanitary Certificate for the exportation of fattening cattle to Egypt (pdf 464Kb) 

Sanitary Certificate for the exportation of slaughtering cattle to Egypt (pdf 275Kb) 

Kazakhstan Cattle for Breeding and Production June 2019

Veterinary certificate for breeding and production cattle exported from the EU to the Republic of Kazakhstan (pdf 227Kb) 

Annex to the Veterinary Certificate in respect of Schmallenberg virus (pdf 126Kb) 

*Please note: Certificate not recognised if route involves travelling through other EAEU countries. Check with Veterinary International Trade Division for updates.

Kenya Breeding Pigs 2015 Kenya - Breeding Pigs Certificate (pdf 191Kb)  
 Kuwait  Sheep for Slaughter  August 2017  Sanitary Certificate for the exportation to Kuwait of Sheep for Slaughter (pdf 879Kb) 

Breeding Cattle <36 mts

Fattening/ Slaughter Cattle <36 mts

January 2015

September 2012

Lebanon - Breeding Cattle Certificate 10/11/2014 (pdf 295Kb) 

Lebanon - Fattening & Slaughter Cattle Certificate (pdf 2,652Kb)  


Fattening & Slaughter Cattle/Males <30 mts


Breeding Cattle


Sheep Fattening & Slaughter

January 2019


January 2019


June 2013

Libya - Cattle Certificate (pdf 364Kb) 

Libya - Breeding Cattle (pdf 367Kb) 


Libya - PVP Certificate of treatment Sheep (pdf 65Kb) 
Libya - Sheep Certificate (pdf 96Kb)  

Bovines for Breeding or Production

June 2016

Montenegro - Certificate bovines for breeding or production (pdf 390Kb) 

Beef Cattle


Breeding Cattle

August 2016

Morocco - Fattening Beef Cattle Certificate (pdf 362Kb) 

Morocco - Breeding Certificate (pdf 426Kb) 

Morocco - Additional Certificate (pdf 154Kb) 

Qatar Sheep for Slaughter January 2019 Qatar - Sheep Certificate (pdf 387Kb)  
Russia Breeding Cattle October 2015

Veterinary certificate for breeding and production cattle, exported from EU to the Russian Federation (pdf 65Kb) 

Russia - Annex 2 (pdf 128Kb)  

Serbia Breeding and Production Cattle May 2016 Serbia - Serbia Breeding Cattle Cert (pdf 258Kb)  
Singapore Sheep/Goats for Slaughter October 2013 Singapore - Sheep/Goats Certificate (pdf 292Kb)  

Fattening Cattle

Breeding Heifers

April 2011

April 2012

Tunisia - Breeding Heifers Cert (pdf 3,411Kb) 

Tunisia - Fattening Cattle Cert (pdf 2,696Kb) 

Tunisia - PVP Support Cert with DAFM Guidance (pdf 139Kb)  

Turkey Bovines for Fattening


Bovines for Breeding


Bovines for Slaughter


PVP Fattening Cert/Exporter Information

Owner Declaration for Export of Cattle


SBV Declaration

March 2019









June 2016

Domestic Bovine Animals Intended for Fattening from EU Member States to the Republic of Turkey (pdf 633Kb) 

Domestic Bovine Animals Intended for Breeding from EU Member States to the Republic of Turkey (pdf 657Kb) 

Domestic Bovine Animals Intended for Slaughter from EU Member States to the Republic of Turkey (pdf 1,547Kb) 


PVP Fattening Certificate Turkey/Exporter Information for Fattening Animals (pdf 378Kb) 

Turkey Fattening Certificate Information for Exporters (pdf 706Kb) 

Owner Declaration for the export of cattle from Ireland to the Republic of Turkey (pdf 497Kb) 

Additional declaration concerning Veterinary Certificate for the Exportation of Non-Pregnant Animal: SBV(Not required for fattening or slaughter animals) (pdf 49Kb) 


Breeding Pigs

May 2011

Ukraine - Porcine Certificate Officially agreed (pdf 410Kb)