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Warm Weather Warning June 2018

Weather Alerts

For long journeys between Member States and with third countries, organisers, transporters and official veterinarians should check the website – which is maintained by the network of European Meteorological Services and alerts Europe when severe weather is forecast.

Transport of Animals by Road During Hot Weather

Important Notice to All Authorised Transporters/Exporters

European Communities (Animal Transport and Control Post) Regulations 2006

As in previous years there is a total ban for the months of July and August on the endorsement of Journey Logs for consignments of live animals by road transport to North Africa, Greece and Turkey. This ban is enforced by the Veterinary Inspector at the Assembly Centre. 

Transporters planning journeys to other destinations during the summer months are asked to take account of possible high temperatures en route and to have adequate contingency plans and to consider the following preventative actions

  • Ensure that a vehicle is fitted with effective forced ventilation.
  • Increase the space allowance by at least 30%.
  • Use vehicles with fewer tiers to increase headroom.
  • Reschedule the journey or plan it to take advantage of cooler conditions at night.
  • Check the website - You can find detailed information about the warnings in the awareness reports issued for each country.

Advice on the Transport of Animals during Hot weather and other information on the transport of animals is available at the following link on the DAFM website.

Email address:

Animal Welfare Division,
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street,
Dublin 2