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Brexit Impact Analysis

In early 2018 the Preparedness Unit in the European Commission (established to assist with contingency planning) published notices outlining the consequences of the UK’s Departure from the EU when the UK leaves the EU across a range of sectors. These will only apply if both Parliaments fail to reach agreement on withdrawal and transition arrangements by that time.

The notices cover areas such as transport, agriculture, fisheries, civil law, data protection, intellectual property, professional qualifications, and goods (including medicines). The complete list of notices can be seen at:

It should be noted that, provided there is a Withdrawal Agreement, many of the elements reflected in these notices will not become relevant until the end of any transition period, and even then their application will depend on the nature of any agreement on the future relationship.

In the meantime, and as part of the Department’s own contingency planning, we are continuing to explore the pressure points that industry might encounter and looking at mitigation options in the event of a hard Brexit [see Preparedness].

The Department is also carrying out a range of analysis and research activities in relation to Brexit. This work is ongoing, and is primarily concerned with the implications of Brexit for agri-food trade with the UK across different sectors in the short and long term. Areas covered include:

  • Supply chain analysis
  • Transport/logistical arrangements
  • Possible import control and export certification requirements
  • Use of UK landbridge
  • Integration with customs arrangements

The Department is also supporting research projects by other Departments and agencies.  This work, along with published research, is informing the Department’s contingency planning and preparedness activities, and will also inform its approach to the negotiations on the future EU-UK relationship.

See attached list of Brexit Impact Analyses (pdf 175Kb)  published to date