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Weekly Update

Week Ending - 12 April 2019 

The Department has sharpened its Brexit communications through a series of actions that include:

  • The issuing of National Statements on Government advice for traders of animals and animal products; plant and plant product; and food and food products.
  • The updating of the Brexit webpage to reflect requirements of stakeholders in all possible Brexit scenarios  Preparing for Brexit;
  • The establishment of a dedicated Brexit Call Centre (see below);
  • The issuing of focused Trader Notices to relevant stakeholders;
  • Increased activity in social media and the farming press;
  • Participation in public Brexit seminars, in collaboration with Revenue and FSAI; and
  • Active participation in the reconfiguring and updating by D/Taoiseach website;

Added 11.03.19

8 April 2019: Following extensive engagement by the Irish Government including direct meetings between Minister Creed and Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, the Commissioner announced that the EU Commission will intervene to support European farmers in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The support package will include a mix of measures including public intervention, a withdrawal scheme, private storage and targeted aid.  You can read full Commission press release here.

10 April 2019: Following a high level of engagement by Ireland with seven other impacted Member States (France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden) and working closely with DG Mare, including a meeting between Commissioner Vella and Minister Creed earlier this year, the EU Commission issued a Brexit Contingency Plan which sets out how fisheries would be managed in a No Deal Brexit.  You can read more information here

Added 24.04.2019

Minister Creed with Karmenu Vella
EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries