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We are continuously seeking to improve the information available concerning organic food and farming and we would be grateful of any comments or suggestions you may have on this website. All comments, suggestions or clarification on any aspect of this site should be forwarded to the Organic Unit, Department of Agriculture and Food, Johnstown Castle Estate, Wexford by:

Telephone: LoCall: (1890) 200 509 or (053) 63400
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The information available from this site is intended as a guide only and does not purport to be a legal interpretation.

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European Logo

Organic food produce may also carry the organic symbol devised by the European Commission. Commission Regulation (EC) No 331/2000 (pdf 348Kb) lays down specific technical reproduction rules for the presentation and use of the Community logo.

The logo is not compulsory. However the logo may be used when products meet the provisions of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (pdf 448Kb)  as amended and in particular Article 10 of this Regulation.

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Organic Food and Farming - Labelling of Organic Food Produce<br /><br />

National Label (proposed)

In November 2000 an Organic Development Committee was established, in accordance with a recommendation contained in the Agri-Food 2010 Report, to prepare a coherent strategy for the development of the organic sector.

In April 2002 this Committee presented its Report to the Minister. One of Committee's recommendations is as follows:

  • The Committee proposes the establishment of an Organic Market Development Group and that this Group should, as one of its functions, employ the services of an appropriate design agency to devise a national label for Irish organic food on the basis of a design brief and a clear set of rules defining its use.

The Organic Market Development Group has been established and is currently considering this recommendation.

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Organic Food and Farming - Labelling of Organic Food Produce<br /><br />

Organic produce certified in another EU Member State

Sealed organic produce sold in Ireland, but originating in another EU member state must carry some form of labelling or identifying symbol to indicate that it has been produced and certified by an inspection body/authority in that country in accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (pdf 448Kb)  as amended. While this Regulation does not require such produce to be inspected and certified by one of the Irish inspection bodies (ie. sealed and unopened produce) some operators may if they wish also submit to inspection and certification by one of the Irish inspection bodies (link to details) and label their produce as outlined above.

All other organic produce must be inspected and certified by one of the Irish inspection bodies to verify that it has been produced in conformity with prevailing EU organic legislation and that all processing, packaging and distribution requirements conform with the appropriate legislation for organic products.

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Organic Food and Farming - Importing from outside the EU

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Organic Food and Farming - Labelling of Organic Food Produce<br /><br />

Organic Produce from outside the EU

Organic products imported from outside the EU (i.e. third country imports) must be produced in conformity to EU standards.

At present the following countries are recognised by the European Commission as having equivalent organic production and inspection rules to those of the European Community:

  • Argentina, Australia, Hungary, Israel, Switzerland and the Czech Republic

Where a third country is not on the above list and produce is being imported directly into Ireland from a non-EU country (other than the above list), the Department of Agriculture and Food, as the competent authority, must satisfy itself that the product being imported was produced in accordance with production rules equivalent to those in the EU and grant approval for the importation of such produce. Applications for such approval must be made directly to the Organic Unit of the Department of Agriculture & Food, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co Wexford by the potential importer.

The importer of such produce must be inspected by one of the three inspection bodies referred to above. However the labelling must refer to the name/and or code number of the inspection authority or body to which the operator who carried out the production or preparation of the product is subject (ie. the overseas inspection authority or body) .

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