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Planning Permission Amendments for TAMS II during COVID 19 Pandemic

There may be some delays being experienced in securing full planning permission or a letter of exemption (PP) for TAMS applications from the relevant Local Authority. The TAMS requirements must be met in full before approval can issue. 

However, in the current circumstances we are prepared to accept applications without PP before the closing date of the next tranche once a copy of the PP is submitted before close of business on 10 July 2020.

The next Tranche closes on 5th June and an application would only be accepted if it had the PP attached;

However in the current situation

  • Where an applicant doesn’t have PP, we will accept the application on the condition that when they get full PP it has to be submitted;
  • Full PP must be submitted by 10 July 2020;
  • If full PP is submitted by then, the application will be considered for approval;
  • If PP is not provided the application/or relevant investments will be rejected. It will be open to applicants to apply under a future tranche.

Instead of uploading the full PP or letter of exemption, please advise the applicant to upload a cover note for the planning documentation to temporarily bypass the DAFM check. This page should state “Due to COVID 19 restrictions planning permission to follow”.

When DAFM staff are checking the application, the online system will be opened for the submission of the full PP before 10 July 2020. If not received by that date, the online system will be closed.