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Beef Exceptional Aid Measure

Beef Exceptional Aid Measure (BEAM)

N.B. The following responses are issued without prejudice to the
Terms & Conditions of the Beef Exceptional Aid Measure

Where are all details of the Measure set out?

All details of the Measure will be set out in the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) document which is available on the Department’s website

Where can I apply?

Application can only be made online. Herdowners can apply themselves using the online portal at Anyone who uses an agent to apply will need to agree for that agent to see their BEAM screen. The application period is from 19th August 2019 to 15th September 2019.
Annex 2 of the Terms and Conditions of the Measure provide a step by step guide on how to apply. Scheme acceptance letters will issue after the closing date that will summarise the application details.

Where do I get a paper application form?

To reduce errors and speed up the processing of applications, applicants can only apply online through the portal.

What is the payment rate and the number of animals paid on?

Payment for Bovine animals aged over 12 months presented to an approved slaughtering establishment between 24 September 2018 and 12 May 2019 inclusive will be at a rate of €100 per animal subject to a maximum of 100 such animals per herd.
Where an animal is presented for slaughter by an agent or by a dealer within 30 days of purchase, including those purchased in the mart, payment may issue to the immediate previous herdowner.
Payment for beef breed female animals with progeny born in the year 2018, which were sired by a beef breed bull will be at a rate of €40 per animal subject to a maximum of 40 such animals per herd.

What is the position regarding the eligibility of animals slaughtered in Northern Ireland factories?

As per the Terms and Conditions of the Measure, “Slaughtering establishment” shall mean a food business engaged in the slaughter of animals approved under the European Communities (Food and Feed Hygiene) Regulations (SI 432 of 2009), including those slaughtering establishments approved by a local authority and those slaughtering establishments approved by the Department. This excludes NI establishments.

Will there be selection criteria applied if it is oversubscribed?

There is an overall budget of €100 Million set for the Measure. In the event of oversubscription, there may be an adjustment to payments.

What is the duration of the BEAM?

The provisions and commitments of the Measure apply until 30 June 2021, after which the Department will verify applicant’s compliance with the conditions of the Measure.

Do you have to be in an environmental scheme to apply?

The herdowner must be a member of at least one environmental scheme or Bord Bia’s Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme SBLAS at the time of application or undertake to adhere to becoming a member of a SBLAS prior to payment.
Eligible DAFM Environmental Schemes; BEEP, BDGP, GLAS, OFS

Do you need to submit a BPS to be eligible to apply?

A BPS application must be submitted to the Department for the 2018 prior to applying for BEAM and for each year for the duration of the scheme. Late applications for 2018 and 2019 will be accepted for the purposes of the Measure.

By partaking in the Measure, what commitments will you need to undertake?

• Applicants must undertake to reduce the production of bovine livestock manure nitrogen by 5% for the period 01 July 2020 to 30 June 2021, compared to 01 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.
• Applicants must undertake to continue to be a member of at least one environmental or quality scheme for the duration of the measure, except where participation in that environmental scheme is scheduled to end, that scheme expires, or the applicant ceases bovine livestock farming.
• Where an applicant undertakes to become a member of a quality scheme prior to 01 December 2019, they must continue to be a member of that quality scheme for the duration of the measure
• Submit a BPS for the years 2019 to 2021 inclusive

I have a mixed Dairy/Beef enterprise with greater than 40 dairy cows but do not supply milk, am I eligible?

Applicants with a mixed enterprise who meet the Beef criteria are eligible for payment.

I have a mixed Dairy/Beef enterprise with greater than 40 dairy cows and am a milk supplier, am I eligible?

No. Applicants with a mixed enterprise who meet the Beef criteria are eligible for payment provided they had a Dairy operation of less than 40 dairy cows as identified on AIM on 31 December 2018 if they are a milk supplier.

Are there implications for reducing land?

If a farmer purchased extra land this year and as a result intends to increase his stock numbers. Will such cases be accommodated by the DAFM in the context of the reduction of bovine livestock manure nitrogen?

S/He must achieve the 5% reduction from his/her level in the reference period.

How can I reduce my nitrogen output by 5%?

The simplest way would be to reduce stocking levels, but reductions can be achieved through the restructuring of your herd. Further details are available in Annex 3 of the Terms and Conditions.

Can I export slurry or take more land to achieve the 5% reduction?

No, the reduction is measured solely on the Bovine livestock manure nitrogen from animals on the holding.

What happens after 2021, do I have to maintain the Nitrates reduction?

No, the Nitrates reduction is a temporary adjustment and ends on the 30th of June 2021.

What happens if I don’t make the 5% reduction by the deadline?

Depending on the reduction achieved some or all of the payment will be subject to clawback. Further details are in the Terms and Conditions.

I am required to maintain stock for another DAFM programme or other legal obligation, how can I meet the 5% reduction requirement under BEAM?

BEAM participants can apply for a derogation where a legal requirement or commitments with an existing DAFM programme prevent a participant from meeting the 5% reduction. Such programmes can include BDGP, ANC and some Commonage Framework Plans. Applications for a Derogation must be submitted to Beef Schemes, DAFM, Government Buildings, Portlaoise prior to the 30th of September 2019. Further details are available in the Terms and Conditions.

Can members of a Registered Farm Partnership apply?

Yes, applications will be accepted at herd level. BEAM will pay each individual (up to 40) but not a single application of 80.

When will payment issue?

Payments will commence in December 2019.

If I have further questions/clarifications, whom should I contact?

Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine
Phone: 0761064420