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Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs)

  • SMR 1 Protection of water against pollution caused by nitrates.
  • SMR 2 Conservation of Wild Birds.
  • SMR 3 Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Flora and Fauna.
  • SMR 4 Food and Feed Hygiene.
  • SMR 5 Restrictions on the use of substances having hormonal or thyrostatic action and beta-agonists in farm animals.
  • SMR 6 Pig Identification and Registration.
  • SMR 7 Cattle Identification and Registration.
  • SMR 8 Sheep and goat Identification and Registration.
  • SMR 9 Prevention and control of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs).
  • SMR 10 Plant Protection Products (PPPs).
  • SMR 11 Welfare of Calves.
  • SMR 12 Welfare of Pigs.
  • SMR 13 Welfare of Farm Animals.