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Suckler Welfare Scheme Training

Description of Scheme
This scheme has been developed to provide training under Article 15 Provision of technical support in the Agriculture Sector of Commission Regulation 1857/2006 for participants of the Suckler Welfare Scheme
please click name to see full details of the scheme, approved under State Aid number N 140/2007.

Under  Measure 8.7 Measure 7 - Training and Education of the Suckler Welfare Scheme
an essential element is the attendance at a mandatory training programme covering the issues relating to:-

  • Animal welfare
  • Breeding
  • Record keeping

The provision of training is open to all applicants of the Suckler Welfare Scheme and must be completed within two years of applying to join the scheme.

Duration of Scheme
The scheme will run from 01/09/2009 until 1 April 2013. While the Suckler Welfare Scheme only runs until 2012 the applicant must complete the course within two years of joining the scheme and therefore provision is being made for some training to be undertaken in 2013 after the AWRBS is completed.

Cost of the scheme
It is anticipated that training will cost approx €2m over the duration of the scheme. The aid intensity will be 100% of the cost of the training. This scheme will cover such costs as:-

  • Hire of venues
  • Training materials
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Use of demonstration animals
  • Trainers, including veterinarians

Only eligible costs associated with the provision of the training will be covered. Aid will be by way of subsidised services, provided by third parties as laid down in Art 15.3 of Commission Regulation No 1857/2006, and will not  involve payments of money to producers/recipients of training.