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List of Approved Establishments in Veterinary and Zootechnical Fields and Approved Laboratories in accordance with Council Directive 2008/73/EC

(I) Establishments in the Veterinary Field 

1. Assembly Centres

2. Dealers

3. Semen Collection and Storage Centres

4. Embryo Collection & Production Teams

5. Quarantine Facilities or Centres

6. Establishments for Poultry

7. Bodies, Institutes and Centres

(II) Designated Competent Authority in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/1012

(III)Establishments in the Zootechnical Field

1. (a) Bodies approved or recognised for maintaining or establishing a herd-book, flock-book or studbook.

 1. (b) Bodies refused approval to maintain a herdbook, flockbook or studbook

2. Criteria laid down for the distribution of funds for the safeguard, development and improvement of breeding (Directive 90/428/EEC)

3. Equine competitions falling under the derogation from the principle of non-discrimination (Council Directive 90/428)

(IV) Laboratories