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List of Approved Establishments in Veterinary Fields and Approved Laboratories in accordance with Council Directive 2008/73/EC

(I) Establishments in the Veterinary Field 

1. Assembly Centres

2. Dealers

3. Semen Collection and Storage Centres

4. Embryo Collection & Production Teams

5. Quarantine Facilities or Centres

6. Establishments for Poultry

Designated Competent Authority in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/1012

      Establishments in the Zootechnical Field

1. (a) Bodies recognised or approved for maintaining or establishing a herd-book, flock-book or studbook

 (b) Bodies refused approval to maintain a herdbook, flockbook or studbook

2.  Semen Collection or Storage Centres and Embryo Collection or Production Teams authorised to issue Zootechnical Certificates


3. Operators recognised in other Member States which have officially notified new activities in Ireland


4. Other  Documents

Animal Breeding Regulation  2016/1012

Animal Breeding Regulation Information Session February 2018


(IV) Laboratories