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Individual Abattoirs Quarterly Results 2010

Quarterly Beef Classification Results

Individual Abattoirs


1st Qtr  2nd Qtr   1st Half 3rd Qtr   4th Qtr  2nd Half All 2010
 Cows (90Kb) Cow (90Kb) Cow (90Kb) Cow (xls 29Kb)   Cow (89Kb) Cow (89Kb) Cow (89Kb)
 Heifers (90Kb) Heifer (90Kb) Heifer (90Kb) Heifer (xls 29Kb)   Heifer (90Kb) Heifer (90Kb) Heifer (90Kb)
 Steers (90Kb) Steer (90Kb) Steer (90Kb) Steer (xls 29Kb)   Steer (90Kb) Steer (90Kb) Steer (90Kb)