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Beef Pricewatch App

The Beef Pricewatch App provides users with up-to-date information on the average price paid for animals in 24 of the DAFM approved meat factories throughout the country.  Behind these representative prices, the user is one click away from detailed information, at factory level, for prices across the entire 15 x 15 beef carcass classification grid.

The App will work on a PC, laptop or mobile device and can be accessed at this link:

For more information on the App, please see the Department’s press release at this link:,78230,en.html

Data Cost

Depending on your mobile data plan there may be a charge to download data. DAFM doesn’t charge anything and when used on a PC there is no data charge. Refer to your plan for accurate costs.


Individual Factory and National Figures, within sub-classes, for both conformation and fat

National average weights and numbers within sub-classes, for both conformation and fat.



Data is provisional and subject to revision.