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Payments Process Phase 1

The Payments Application process for PHASE 1 of the Voluntary Supply Management Scheme for the Dairy Sector is underway.

Once again, per initial application in September 2016, the route of application for those who qualify for payment is via your cooperative or milk purchaser, through whom the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine have routed relevant information and application forms.

The application forms below are available via your cooperative. Applications for those who qualify for payment should be completed with the assistance of your cooperative/purchaser and returned to them by the deadline of Friday February 3rd 2017.

The FAQ document below is provided with a view to assisting those farmers who are in a position to apply for payment under the scheme based on an actual reduction in the 3 month period between October 1st and December 31st 2016. Producers planning to apply for payment should read this document carefully.

Dual suppliers should source the relevant Dual Supplier forms from their cooperative(s), complete them with the assistance of both cooperatives/purchasers and return them directly to the Department (see FAQ), again by February 3rd 2017.

Cooperatives and milk purchasers have been clearly advised regarding requirements under the scheme and will be able to advise producers in the first instance re any queries they may have. ALL APPLICATIONS require relevant back up information regarding production in the qualifying (July 2016), reference (October – December 2015) and scheme (October – December 2016) periods.