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Plant Health Legislation

The import of Harmful Organisms from Third Countries on plant and plant products poses a serious threat to Ireland in terms of national plant production and specifically the impact that an outbreak of a disease or pest could have on the nation's agricultural, horticultural & forestry sectors and by way of the significant threat such an outbreak could have on the biodiversity of natural habitats and the countryside in general.

Council Directive 2000/29/EC (as amended), ( EU Plant Health Directive ) sets out a framework of protective measures against the introduction into the EU Community of organisms harmful to plant and plant products, and against their spread within the Community. It provides for a harmonized policy for the 27 members of the EU to prevent the introduction and spread of such organisms.

Measures contained within the Directive are designed to allow Member States adopt controls to prevent the introduction of pests and diseases harmful to plants and plant products and also in preventing the spread within the Community of pests and diseases harmful to plant and plant products.