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Registering as a Professional Operator

Under new EU Plant Health Regulation 2016/2031/EU Professional Operators are obliged to register with the competent authority of the member state.

Professional Operators include:

  • Nurseries
  • Garden Centres
  • Importers of plants and plant products
  • Exporters of plants and plant products
  • Customs Agent / Operator Responsible for the Consignment*
  • Multiple Store that trades in plants
  • Landscaper/Landscape Architect
  • County Council/Local Authority
  • Internet traders of plant and plant products
  • Christmas tree growers
  • Retailer / Co-op involved in the sale of plants without distribution centre
  • Retailer / Co-op involved in the sale of plants with distribution centre(s)
  • Cut foliage producer/grower
  • Turf grass producer/grower
  • Fruit producer/grower
  • Vegetable producer/grower
  • Seed producers including seed potatoes

*involved in the movement of consignments of plants and plant products from third countries

Applicants are required to complete the following forms to complete the registration process:

1. Plant Health Registration Form (doc 130Kb)     (doc 124Kb) 


 2. Corporate Client System (CCS) Company Registration Form (doc 140Kb)         


3. Corporate Client System (CCS) Customer Registration Form (doc 141Kb)         

*Note: Commercial operators should complete form 2, while private individuals or sole traders should complete form 3

Information provided in the Corporate Client System Registration Form will be used to register operators on the Department’s Financial Accounting System.

Both forms must be completed and returned by post and email to the following address:

Post:        Horticulture & Plant Health Division

                 Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,

2nd Floor, Administration Building,

Backweston Campus,


W23 X3PH



Failure to complete and return both forms to the above address may result in a delay in registration and issuance of PHR number.

On completion of the registration process, the professional operator will be notified of their unique Plant-Health Registration Number (PHR No.). This unique Plant Health Registration number will be used to identify the registered Professional Operator .