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Sheep Technology Adoption Programme 2014

Word Documents

STAP 1A Application Form (doc 95Kb) 

STAP 2 (doc 95Kb) 

STAP 2A Attendance Record Form (doc 107Kb) 

STAP 2B Task Selection Form (doc 82Kb) 

STAP 2C Combined Group Meetings Form (doc 90Kb) 

STAP 3 End of year return (doc 101Kb) 

STAP4 Meeting Notification Form (doc 79Kb) 


PDF Documents

STAP Clarifications 27 Feb 2014 (pdf 41Kb) 

STAP 2014 Terms and Conditions (pdf 825Kb) 

List of designated Labs for TASK 3 (pdf 95Kb) 

STAP 2014 Facilitators (pdf 259Kb) 

Testing Laboratory Procedure for STAP Task 3 (pdf 169Kb) 

STAP Approved National Events (pdf 95Kb)