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Year of Sustainable Grassland

Added 13.01.17

2017 is designated as the Year of Sustainable Grassland to celebrate this most important productive and sustainable source of livestock nutrition.

Food Wise 2025 supports and builds on the critical role that grass plays in increasing dairy and livestock production. These sectors possess a significant cost advantage in the form of an environmentally sustainable, rain-fed, grass based production system. It is this grass based approach that provides Ireland with its most comparative advantage in increasingly competitive international markets. Research and experience has shown that while grassland is the predominant farming system there is significant potential to improve both production and efficiency of utilisation. More effective utilisation of the national grassland resource also has the potential to further reduce negative environmental impacts while supporting increased productivity.

The “Year of Sustainable Grassland” Initiative will see a year long focus by the Department, its Agencies and other stakeholders on grass productivity and utilisation, grassland sustainability and the international reputation of Irelands’ grass based production systems.

The initiative will enhance and promote awareness of the sustainability of Ireland’s grass-based production system.

 Added 28.12.2016