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Food Safety Controls on Milk

Milk Hygiene - Approval and Inspection Service

Milk Hygiene section and Dairy Controls & Certification Division implement EU and national legislation to approve and supervise food business operators involved in the production of milk and milk based products. Controls are implemented to verify that legal standards of quality and safety for human consumption are maintained from production at farm level, through to manufacturing and storage.

Dairy Controls & Certification Division staff are authorised under the relevant legislation and carry out monitoring and enforcement measures, including inspections, audits and product sampling, to verify compliance with legislation. The control programmes also provide for the certification of dairy products for export to Third Country markets.

Further details on the registration/approval process, including application forms and information pack for Dairy Establishments are available from:

Milk Hygiene Section, Tel. 057 8694355 or email

Click here for Legislation, which is available on the Website under the heading Food Safety Controls on Meat .

Trader Notices

Data Protection Notices

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