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Submissions Received


 Minister Smith

The agri-food, forestry and fishing sector is a key element of the Irish economy and has the potential to contribute significantly to Ireland's export-led economic recovery.

It currently exports over €7 billion annually in food and beverage products accounting for 50% of indigenous manufacturing exports and generates almost one third of Ireland's net foreign earnings from manufacturing. Importantly, the sector has the capacity to grow and create employment.

The current economic climate has put pressure on the sector. In addition, over the coming years, the agri-food, forestry and fishing sector will have to deal effectively with broader sustainability issues such as climate change, food security and environmental management. While the sector has been very successful, and has great potential for further growth, it also suffers from some structural and other weaknesses that must be addressed if its full potential is to be realised.

I strongly believe that new thinking and strategic direction is needed to deal with the current challenging and changing environment. So, I have decided to undertake a consultation process with stakeholders to obtain views on what policies and structures you believe will best enhance the future development of the agriculture, forestry, fishing and food industries. As part of this process I would invite you or your organisation to let me have your views on issues that affect these sectors.

To inform your deliberations, we have attached to this web site a series of Discussion and Background Papers. These papers outline the current situation and the challenges and opportunities facing the sectors, but equally importantly, they pose a series of questions the answers to which will form the core of any future development strategy. I would welcome stakeholder input and views on how best to deal with some of the critical issues arising from these discussion papers.

Submissions should be sent by email to or by post to Economics and Planning Division, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Floor 6Centre, Agriculture House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 marked "2020 Strategy". The deadline for receipt of submissions is 31 March 2010.

Note that submissions received will be made publicly available on this website.

1.  Cross Cutting Issues/ Key Questions:

2.  Food & Branding

3.  Environment:

4.  Animal Welfare Issues:

5.  Commodities: