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Funding of Forestry Schemes Review Group

Terms of Reference:

The Review group will examine the forestry grants and premiums in two stages:

  1. 2010:  
    In a report to be delivered to the Minister of State by Christmas next, the Group will examine options for funding of afforestation in 2010. (Report on options for funding of afforestation in 2010 submitted to Minister in December 2009)
  2. Longer-Term
    The Group will report to the Minister on a longer-term strategy for state grant aid for forestry (including afforestation and other support measures such as road construction and early tending/thinning of broadleaves) and will:
    • Examine the extent to which Forestry Scheme's objectives have been achieved to date, and comment on the effectiveness with which they have been achieved;
    • Evaluate the degree to which the objectives warrant the allocation of public funding on a current and ongoing basis and examine the scope for alternative policy or organisational approaches to achieving these objectives including:
      • appropriate tax incentives;
      • examining the level of grants and premiums, given the overall fall in costs in the economy
      • private sector investment being leveraged in afforestation through public-private partnerships involving pension fund and/or other investment vehicles.