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Environmental Information

Environment - An Overview

It is a condition of grant-aid, under the 2007-2013 Programme that development be compatible with the protection of the environment. Environmental considerations at the time of application include water quality, designated habitats, archaeology, landscape and size of area. Public agencies and the general public are consulted in relation to applications for forestry grants in areas of special environmental sensitivity.  

Forestry & Freshwater Pearl Mussel Requirements

Forestry & Aerial Fertilisation Requirements

Environmental Guidelines

The suite of six Guidelines are the mechanisms by which the Forest Service will ensure that the environmental aspects of SFM are implemented. Adherence to the guidelines is a condition of grant aid and the issuing of a felling licence. The penalty for non-compliance is the withholding of approvals for grants and felling licences.

Forest Service Appropriate Assessment Procedure

For details of the Forest Service Appropriate Assessment Procedure, please see Section 20 and Appendices 20-22 of the Forestry Standards Manual (November 2015).

Preparing Forests for Climate Change

In March 2010, the European Council published a Green Paper on Forestry Protection and Information in the EU:  preparing forests for climate change.

The Green Paper forms part of a consultation process being undertaken by DG Environment aimed at getting feedback from the EU institutions, Member States, EU citizens and other interested stakeholders on the issue of forest protection and preparing forests for climate change.  The responses received will inform and guide the Commission's considerations regarding any additional action at Community level to better protect and prepare EU forests for climate change, and enhance the fulfilment of their functions. The public consultation period ended on the 31st of July 2011.