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Grants and Premium Schemes 2014-2020


Woodlands of Ireland is an inclusive membership organisation dedicated to native woodlands. Its objectives are: (i) to generate awareness of native woodlands amongst policy makers and the general public; and (ii) to develop projects and strategies aimed at ensuring the future viability of native woodlands. Woodlands of Ireland is co-funded by the Forest Service, National Parks & Wildlife Service and the Heritage Council, and is a registered charity (see for details).

Woodlands of Irelandis available to give interested landowners information and guidance on the Native Woodland Scheme (both Establishment and Conservation), as a preliminary step before the engagement of a NWS Forester. Interested landowners can contact Declan Little, Project Manager of Woodlands of Ireland, at

Forest Service Tel:  053 91 63400 or 0761 064 415
Forest Service email: