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2020 Circulars

Circular 18 of 2020 Bodiversity Maps, Afforestation and Roads (pdf 192Kb)  

Sample BioMap 27 October 20 (pdf 462Kb)  

Template Legend for Bio Map 27 October 2020 (doc 21Kb)   

Circular 17 of 2020 Application submission Fees FLV (pdf 210Kb)   

Affor Site Notice (doc 23Kb)     

Road Site Notice (doc 23Kb)     

Felling Site Notice (doc 24Kb)     

Circular 16 of 2020 Online Form 2 Application – forest Roads Scheme 05102020 (pdf 111Kb)   

Circular 15 of 2020 Applications for Financial Approval (pdf 183Kb)    

2020 2021 Form 1(a) 1(b) 1(c) Guidelines (doc 346Kb)       

Circular 14-2020 NIS Revised Guidance and Template (pdf 161Kb)       

NISs for Forestry Projects Guidance and Template August 2020 (pdf 1,634Kb)        

NIS Template August 2020 (doc 51Kb)             

Circular 13 of 2020 (pdf 424Kb)            

AA Pre Screening Report Template v04Augus 20 (doc 44Kb)            

Sample Current Environment and Habitat Map (pdf 4,707Kb)        

Template Legend for the Current Environment and Habitat Map v04Aug20 (doc 24Kb)                       

Circular 12 of 2020 Ecology Project Plan (pdf 222Kb)             

Circular 11 of 2020 Forestry Licences iNET (pdf 162Kb)              

Circular 10 of 2020 Oak Processionary Moth (pdf 201Kb)               

 OPM info note 2020 (pdf 1,810Kb)               

Trader Notice 4 of 2020 First Interception of Thaumetopoea processionea (pdf 430Kb)               

Circular 09 of 2020 Inspection Standards for Grant-Aided Plantations Affected by Frost (pdf 173Kb)                

Circular 08 of 2020 Support for CCF (pdf 169Kb)                 

Circular 07 of 2020 Reconstitution and Underplanting Scheme (Ash Dieback) (pdf 691Kb)                   

Circular 06 of 2020 Extending Financial Approvals (pdf 154Kb)                    

Circular 05 of 2020 Forestry KTG opening 27 May 2020 (pdf 502Kb)                     

Circular 04 of 2020 Template NIS (pdf 130Kb)                       

NIS Note & Template (pdf 1,634Kb)                      

NIS Template for Forestry - 24 August 2020 (doc 50Kb)                                              

Circular 3 of 2020 Single Consent System 20 February 2020 (pdf 119Kb)                        

Forest Entrances – Requirement for Mandatory Consultation 20 February 2020 (pdf 494Kb)                       

Form 1 Forest Road Scheme February 2020 (pdf 361Kb)              

SI No 39 of 2020 – Forestry Amendment No 2 regs – Single Consent System (pdf 121Kb)                       

Technical Standard – Design of Forest Entrances onto Public roads (pdf 2,466Kb)              

Circular 02 of 2020 Appropriate Assessment Procedures (pdf 143Kb)                       

Appropriate Assessment Procedure SOP 05Nov19 (pdf 5,926Kb)                      

Habitat Table v18Dec19 (doc 35Kb)                                           

Species Table v30Jan20 (doc 18Kb)  ;

Bird Foraging Table v06Jan20 (doc 61Kb) 

Circular 01 of 2020 NWS and Oak (pdf 183Kb)