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SOLVIT is an informal problem-solving network launched by the European Commission in 2002. It was created to solve problems that EU citizens or businesses are experiencing with the public administrations of EU Member States. These problems must be associated with a denial of their Internal Market rights due to Internal Market law not being applied correctly. There are SOLVIT Centres in all EU and EEA States.

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The success of the Internal Market depends on the proper and timely application of its rules. If goods carrying the EC mark are exported from Ireland to another Member State which blocks their importation because they don't carry the standard mark of that Member State, the Irish SOLVIT Centre will contact the SOLVIT Centre of the Member State concerned to ascertain why the goods have been blocked, to get them released, if they were blocked illegally, and to have to the matter resolved quickly. If a member of a regulated profession who was trained in another Member State wishes to work here but is experiencing a delay in having his or her qualifications processed by the relevant professional body here, the Irish SOLVIT Centre will request the professional body to inform the person concerned in good time (a) that he or she is entitled to practice his or her profession in Ireland or (b) that he or she is not entitled to do so, and if so why.

Where the Irish SOLVIT Centre is satisfied that a case referred to it is one in which EU law is possibly being misapplied, it will raise the problem with the appropriate authority here or with its counterpart in the Member State concerned on behalf of the client. The SOLVIT Centres are committed to getting a response within ten weeks without prejuduce to the right of their clients to pursue other action, including legal action, if they are not satisfied with the response.

The Irish SOLVIT Centre can be contacted at the following address:

Irish SOLVIT Centre,
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment,
Earlsfort Centre,
Lower Hatch Street,
Dublin 2.

Mr Michael Clarke, Tel: +353 (0)1 6312528
Mr Sean Smith, Tel: +353 (0)1 6312647
Ms Louise Fogarty, Tel: +353 (0)1 6312744
Ms Sinead Ryan, Tel: +353 (0)1 6312740

Fax: (01) 6312562

Further information on SOLVIT can be found on the SOLVIT website: