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Pet Travel

Bringing your pets into Ireland

The rules on bringing your pets into Ireland (for example, on holiday or because you are taking up residence here) change depending type of animals and the country you are travelling from.

All pets must be accompanied by original paperwork, Not copies. Your pet must arrive in Ireland with you, or within five days before or after you travel (but it can be accompanied by someone else). Five is the maximum number of animals allowed to travel with you. These rules apply no matter which country you are travelling from.


The UK’s departure from the EU will result in a change in the rules for pet travel between Ireland and the UK.

Preparing for Brexit, pet travel with your pet cat, dog or ferret into Ireland

Travelling or Relocating out of Ireland with your Pet

If you are travelling on holiday or relocating with your pet out of Ireland you will need to:

  • contact the destination country for entry (certification) requirements
  • contact the Regional Veterinary Office  at least 2 months in advance of travel to ensure that  necessary documentation is available and can be certified by Department officials
  • allow sufficient time to ensure required tests can be successfully performed

The Department may not be able to provide documentation for your pet to travel if you have not contacted your Regional Veterinary Office least two months in advance of travel.

Taking your pet bird, rabbit, rodent and other animals abroad