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Traveller's points of entry


In accordance with Article 34 of Regulation (EU) No 576/2013 on the non-commercial movement of pet animals, the following are designated Travellers’ Points of Entry (TPOE) through which pet dogs, cats and ferrets from third countries may arrive in Ireland.

Pets entering Ireland form non EU countries may enter through

  • Cork Airport
  • Dublin Airport
  • Shannon Airport
  • Ringaskiddy Seaport
  • Rosslare Ferry Port


All pets undergo compliance checks on arrival


To arrange compliance checks please e-mail the following in advance of travel:

Pets arriving through Cork airport               corkpetmove[at]agriculture[dot]gov[dot]ie

Pets arriving through Dublin airport             petmove[at]agriculture[dot]gov[dot]ie

Pets arriving through Shannon airport         PetsShannon[at]agriculture[dot]gov[dot]ie

Pets arriving through Ringaskiddy              corkpetmove[at]agriculture[dot]gov[dot]ie

Pets arriving through Rosslare ferry port     rosslare[dot]europort[at]agriculture[dot]gov[dot]ie


Please include the following information:

  • Date and time of arrival
  • Port of entry
  • Name
  • Paperwork the pet will be travelling with EU Pet passport OR EU(Annex IV) Health Certificate
  • Flight Number
  • Number of animals to be checked.