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Press Releases November 2008

Title Date
Minister Smith Reiterates Call for Country of Origin Labelling for Poultry 04 November 2008
Minister Sargent Welcomes Progress Towards School Fruit Scheme 04 November 2008
Minister Killeen Welcomes the Agreement on a 33% Increase in Mackerel Catch for 2009 04 November 2008
Minister Smith says Climate Change Targets must not damage Irish Agriculture and Rural Economy 06 November 2007
Minister Smith Visits United States to Promote Development of Irish Food Sector 08 October 2007
Minister Smith Calls for Introduction of Dairy Market Supports 10 November 2007
Minister Smith Welcomes European Veterinary Week 2008 11 November 2007
Minister Smith Announces Payments Under the 2008 Suckler Welfare Scheme 12 November 2007
Ireland's Disadvantaged Area Scheme One of the Best-Funded in Europe 13 November 2007
Smith Welcomes The Introduction Of Private Storage Aid For Butter 13 November 2007
Minister Smith Opens New Bord Bia Office In New York 14 November 2007
Minister Smith defends CAP and expects tough Health Check negotiations 17 November 2007
Smith Highlights Continuing Strong Demand for Milk Quota 19 November 2007
Killeen Delivers Positive Outcome for Celtic Sea Fishery 19 November 2007
Sargent to Visit Ethiopia 19 November 2008
Minister Smith Delivers €170 Million to Irish Farmers in CAP Negotiations 20 November 2007
Minister Sargent Calls for Immediate Reform of UN Body 20 November 2008
Creed "Fails to Understand!" - Minister Smith 20 November 2008
Minister Smith Rejects Misleading Claims on CAP Health Check 21 November 2008
Smith: Extra Milk Quota Good for Farmers, Good for Processors and Good for the Economy 24 November 2008
Minister Killeen Announces Third Phase of Bioenergy Scheme (2009) 25 November 2008
Balancing Payments of €609 Million Under Single Payment Scheme to Commence 26 November 2008
Minister Smith Nominates Mike Magan as Interim Chairman of Animal Health Ireland 26 November 2008
Minister Smith Repeats Advice Against Livestock Imports Following Cases of Bluetounge Serotype 1 in England 26 November 2008
Smith Advocates the Need for a Strong and Adequately Funded CAP Post 2013 28 November 2008