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Press Releases October 2008

Title Date
Joint Launch of Enterprise Ireland Strategy for Prepared Consumer Foods Sector 06 October 2008
Minister Sargent Launches Organic Feasibility Study for Kerry 06 October 2007
Minister Smith opens 2008 World Holstein Friesian Conference 09 October 2007
Extension to the Period for Spreading of Slurry 10 October 2008
Minister Smith to Seek Officially Brucellosis-Free Status for Ireland 12 October 2008
Minister Focuses 2009 Spending on Productive Capacity of Agri-Food Sector 14 October 2008
Minister Sargent Welcomes Continued Support for the Organic Sector in Budget 14 October 2008
Minister Killeen Comments on Budgetary Situation for Fishing and Forestry 15 October 2008
15 October 2008: Minister Smith Announces Advance Payments of €530 Million under the 2008 Single Payment Scheme 15 October 2008
Minister Emphasises The Government's Commitment To The Development Of The Food Industry 17 October 2008
Minister of State Killeen Welcomes "European Forest Week" 20 October 2008
22 October 2008: Minister Smith Comments on 2009 Spending to Support the Agri-Food Sector 22 October 2008
Department Issues Advice on Liver Fluke 22 October 2008
Detection of Brown Rot in water samples taken at Merchant's premises 24 October 2008
Minister Smith in Crucial EU Negotiations on the Review of the Common Agricultural Policy 28 October 2008
Minister Smith Meets the Commission and Presidency on Ongoing Negotiations in the CAP Health Check 28 October 2008
Minister Smith Pledges Support for EU Scheme for Distribution of Fruit in Schools 28 October 2008
Minister Smith advises against livestock imports following an outbreak of Bluetongue Serotype 6 in The Netherlands 29 October 2008
Minister Smith Confirms Extension of Slurry Spreading Period to 30th November 31 October 2008