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Press Releases November 2013

Title Date
Coveney Wraps Up Gulf Visit with Irish Food Event 01 November 2013
Minister Hayes opens National Organic Conference 05 November 2013
Hayes announces Department's new Forestry Online Services 05 November 2013
Minister of State Hayes presents the Malting Barley Excellence Awards 06 November 2013
Hayes launches future strategy for Broadleaf Trees 06 November 2013
Forestry Bill 2013 - Stakeholder Consultation 11 November 2013
Coveney Announces Extension to Deadline for Completion of Work under the Sow Welfare Scheme 12 November 2013
Opening of Forestry Planting Approvals Process 12 November 2013
Department launches online Registration facility for Pesticide Advisors and Inspectors of Pesticide Application Equipment 13 November 2013
North South Ministerial Council (Agriculture Meeting) - Joint Communiqué 13 November 2013
North South Ministerial Council (Agriculture Meeting) - Joint Communiqué 13 November 2013
Minister Coveney kickstarts implementation of the New Common Fisheries Policy 14 November 2013
Minister Coveney Consults Stakeholders on Fishing Opportunities for 2014 14 November 2013
Coveney Issues Reminder on Milk Quotas Situation 15 November 2013
Hayes Announces Launch of the 2014 Grant Scheme for the Development of the Commercial Horticulture Sector 15 November 2013
Coveney Welcomes Crucial International Negotiations on €1 Billion Mackerel Industry 18 November 2013
Coveney Announces Review of the Farmers Charter 18 November 2013
Minister Coveney Announces Significant Animal Welfare Action on Horses in Cork 19 November 2013
Hayes Launches Arrabawn Story 19 November 2013
Coveney Congratulates Waterford Blaa Bakers Association 22 November 2013
Hayes opens IFA Farm Forestry National Conference 2013 26 November 2013
Coveney Announces Commencement of Approximately €50 million to AEOS and REPS Payments for 2013 27 November 2013
Coveney announces Major Grant Awards of €26 Million for Agri-Food, Marine and Forest Research Projects 28 November 2013
Department Issues Liver Fluke Forecast 02 December 2013
Taoiseach and Agriculture Minister on Trade Mission to Japan 'Agri Food Trade A Major Focus' 02 December 2013