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Coveney Secures Access for Irish Beef in US - Ireland First EU Member State to Obtain US Approval 05 January 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Opening of Both the 2015 National Reserve and Young Farmers Scheme 06 January 2015
Statement on the Brucellosis Testing Requirements for 2015 07 January 2015
Appointment of Aidan O'Driscoll as Secretary General of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 08 January 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Opening for Applications Under the 2015 Nitrates Derogation 13 January 2015
Minister Coveney Urges Extra Care During the Current Adverse Weather Conditions 14 January 2015
Coveney Hosts First Ever National Inshore Fisheries Forum 15 January 2015
Ireland 5.93% Over Milk Quota at End-December 23 January 2015
Minister Coveney Announces High Levels of Electronic Calf Registrations - Over 1 Million Calves Registered Electronically in 2014 26 January 2015
Minister Coveney Welcomes New Report on Benefits of Dairy Expansion 26 January 2015
Minister Coveney Launches Public Consultation Process on Climate Change Discussion Document for the Agriculture Sector 27 January 2015
Coveney Commits Further Supports Towards the BVD Eradication Programme for Another Year 28 January 2015
Coveney Welcomes Action Plan for Jobs 2015 29 January 2015
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Announces Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements for 2014 Are Now Available Online 30 January 2015
Coveney Meets Spanish Minister for Agriculture 02 February 2015



€35M Innovation Investment in Irish Dairy Processing Industry Jointly Announced by Minister Coveney and Minister Bruton 02 February 2015
Confidence Returning to Beef Sector Coveney Urges Continued Strategic Focus on beef Issues 05 February 2015
Hayes Addresses AGM of Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners Group 06 February 2015
Coveney Leads Major US Trade Promotion for Irish Beef 09 February 2015
Coveney leads Promotion of Irish Beef in New York 09 February 2015
Coveney Hosts High Profile New York Launch for Irish Beef in the US 10 February 2015
Minister Coveney Speaks in Washington D.C. on "Ireland's Agri Food Journey to the Global Stage" 11 February 2015
Minister of State Hayes Highlights Opportunities for Organic Sector at Biofach, Organic Trade Fair 11 February 2015
Coveney completes three city US Beef Promotional Visit 12 February 2015
Ireland 5.47% Over Milk Quota at End-January 18 February 2015
Minister Coveney Announces the Opening of 2015 Basic Payment and Greening Online Application Facility 20 February 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Legislation on Compulsory Dog Microchipping 20 February 2015
Further Good News for Beef Sector as Chinese Ban on Irish Beef is Lifted 23 February 2015
Coveney Announces €1.4Bbn GLAS Scheme to Open Monday 23 February 2015
Hayes Secures EU Approval for Forestry Programme 23 February 2015
Minister Coveney Introduces Guide to Basic Payment Scheme Payment Entitlements 24 February 2015
Coveney welcomes European Commission's Market Support Measures for EU Pigmeat Sector 25 February 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Details of Scottish Derogation 25 February 2015



Coveney Announces First in Series of Information Meetings for Farmers on the Implementation of CAP Reform 02 March 2015
Minister Coveney Launches 10 Year Strategy Report on the Future of the Sport Horse Industry 03 March 2015
Ministers Hayes and Humphreys Publish Deer Management Report and Launch Irish Deer Management Forum 04 March 2015
Minister Hayes Launches COFORD Report Mobilising Irelands's Forest Resource 04 March 2015
Coveney Announces the Issuing of 2015 Payments Under the Burren Farming For Conservation Programme 06 March 2015
Coveney Announces €9 Million Investment Driving the Expansion of the Irish Seafood Processing Industry 06 March 2015
Minister Coveney Publishes Updated Guidelines for CGT Relief for Farm Restructuring 09 March 2015
Coveney Confirms Series of Information Meetings for Farmers on the Implementation of CAP Reform 10 March 2015
County Allocations for LEADER Element of Rural Development Programme 11 March 2015
Coveney Congratulates Irish Winners and Trainers on the 1st Day of Cheltenham and Wishes Trainers, Owners and Punters Good Fortune This Week 11 March 2015
Coveney Welcomes Agreement on Proposal to Facilitate Phased Re-Payment of Superlevy Fine 11 March 2015
Minister Coveney Announces A €17.8M Fishery Harbour and Coastal Infrastructure Capital Programme 13 March 2015
Coveney Welcomes Commission Announcement to Amend Applications Deadlines for the Common Agriculture Policy 18 March 2015
Coveney Previews Ireland's Pavilion at World Expo in Milan, Italy 18 March 2015
Minister Coveney Accommodates 'Old Young Farmers' 20 March 2015
Assisting Farmers with Online Applications to the National Reserve and Young Farmers Scheme 23 March 2015
Forest Fire Risk Warning 23 March 2015
Ireland 5.07% Over Milk Quota at End-February 25 March 2015
Minister Announces Bioenergy (Willow) Scheme 2015 25 March 2015
Coveney Announces Expanded and Wide Ranging €241 Million Seafood Development Programme to 2020 27 March 2015
Minister Hayes Congratulates the Award Winners: Presentation of the Irish Racehorse Trainers Awards in Kildare 30 March 2015
Coveney Introduces New Rules on Country of Origin Labelling of Meats 30 March 2015
€5.7M Allocated to Horticulture Sector 31 March 2015



Coveney welcomes the Abolition of Milk Quotas across the European Union 01 April 2015
New Organic Farming Scheme to Open Shortly 02 April 2015
Minister Coveney announces extension of closing dates for receipt of applications under the 2015 Basic Payment and GLAS Schemes 02 April 2015
Coveney welcomes Chair of National Inshore Fisheries Forum 02 April 2015
Minister Welcomes Election of New President of Macra Na Feirme 08 April 2015
Hayes Announces Payment of Annual Forestry Premium 14 April 2015
Notification of Neighbours of Herds Retaining PI Animals 15 April 2015
Hayes and O'Neill Launch All Island TreeCheck App 16 April 2015
A New Wave of Scientific Transatlantic Cooperation 16 April 2015
Department Issues Parasitic Disease Forecast - Spring 2015 17 April 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Receipt of RDP Letter of Comfort and Roll Out of RDP Schemes 20 April 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Further Support of the AHI Johne's Disease Pilot Programme 20 April 2015
Coveney Welcomes Commission Initiative on Cooperation with the European Investment Bank for the EU Agri-Food Sector 20 April 2015
Minister Hayes Launches New Organic Farming Scheme 21 April 2015
Coveney and Hayes Welcome EU Funding for Potato Promotion Campaign 22 April 2015
Ireland Estimated to Finish 4.34% over Quota in Final Milk Quota Year 23 April 2015
Minister Coveney Welcomes Progress at Important International Fisheries Negotiations in Ireland 24 April 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Clarification on Rules for Land Eligibility under the Direct Payment Schemes 28 April 2015
Minister Coveney Clarifies Tax Treatment of Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements 28 April 2015
Minister Coveney Today Announces the Opening of the Online Application System for the Scottish Derogation and the Fruit & Vegetable Provision 29 April 2015
Coveney Announces Second Tranche for GLAS this Year 30 April 2015
Minister Coveney launches Knowledge Transfer measure under Ireland's Rural Development Programme 30 April 2015



Minister Welcomes Re-Opening of Refurbished Haulbowline Island Bridge 01 May 2015
Minister Hayes Presents the Bord Na gCon Annual Greyhound Racing Awards 05 May 2015
Coveney launches €300 Million Beef Data and Genomics Programme 05 May 2015
Minister Coveney Announces the Opening of the 2015 Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme 06 May 2015
Coveney Announces the Introduction of Special Payments for Island Farming under the 2015 Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme 07 May 2015
Hayes Opens 'Timber 2015' Forestry Show 11 May 2015
Minister for Marine Simon Coveney TD says Derek Davis was a Generous, Vocal Supporter of All Things Marine 13 May 2015
Coveney & Hayes Open Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme 14 May 2015
Minister Coveney Reminds Farmers that Closing Date Under 2015 Basic Payment Scheme is Friday 29 May 2015 and Encourages On-Line Applications 14 May 2015
Coveney Welcomes Chinese Premier and Agriculture Minister 17 May 2015
Coveney Issues Updated Information on Beef Data and Genomics Scheme 18 May 2015
Coveney Welcomes Proposed Ban on Fishing for Seabass in Waters Around Ireland 20 May 2015
Coveney Clarifies Beef Genomics Requirements 21 May 2015
GLAS Deadline Extended 21 May 2015
Minister Coveney Welcomes the Formal Adoption of Ireland's Rural Development Programme by the EU Commissioner 26 May 2015
Friday Deadline for Beef Scheme Applications 26 May 2015
Minister Coveney Announces €6M Contract for Works at Dunmore East Fishery Harbour Centre 27 May 2015
New 'Seed Stand and Seed Orchard Scheme' Announced by Hayes 27 May 2015
Coveney Introduces Management Measures for the Razor Clam Fishery 27 May 2015
BDGP Deadline Extended for a Week 28 May 2015
Hayes launches sheepdog trials 28 May 2015



Major Step Forward on BSE Certification a Huge Boost for Beef Trade - Coveney 03 June 2015
Coveney Welcomes Regional Agreement on Discards 03 June 2015
Minister Welcomes Significant Increase in Government Commitment to Haulbowline 04 June 2015
Hayes Addresses the 39th Session of the FAO Conference 10 June 2015
Minister Coveney Launches the 'Sharp' Strategic Food Research and Innovation Agenda 11 June 2015
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Identifies Suspected BSE Case 11 June 2015
Coveney Welcomes Agreement on Farmers Charter 12 June 2015
Minister Coveney Announces €100,000 in Funding for New Dog Microchipping Initiative 12 June 2015
Hayes Launches Forest Neighbourwood Scheme 12 June 2015
Coveney Launches Draft National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Aquaculture Development 12 June 2015
Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme Opens for Online Applications 16 June 2015
Landmark Day for Organic Farming Sector, says Hayes 16 June 2015
Coveney Says New Rules for Setting Fish Quotas and Ending Discards Must be Introduced on a Staged Basis 16 June 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Refund of €27M to Farmers 17 June 2015
Appointments to the Board of An Bord Bia 17 June 2015
Coveney Introduces Super Levy Installment Scheme 18 June 2015
Coveney Announces the Issuing of Payments to Suckler Farmers Under the 2014 Beef Data Programme 23 June 2015
Coveney Launches Annual Review and Outlook for Agriculture, Food and the Marine 23 June 2015
Major Benefits to Environment to Flow From First Tranche of GLAS, Says Coveney 24 June 2015
Ministers Coveney & Phelan Seek Proposals Under New CEDRA Initiative to Advance Female Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas 24 June 2015
Department Reports Results of Epidemiological Investigation 25 June 2015
Coveney Launches New €50M Dairy Equipment Scheme 29 June 2015



Minister Coveney Announces Food Wise 2025 A Ten Year Strategy for the Irish Agri Food Sector which Projects Exports to Increase to €19 Billion and Create 23,000 New Jobs by 2025 02 July 2015
Hayes presents 2015 Third Level Student Wood Awards 03 July 2015
Coveney Meets French Minister in Paris 08 July 2015
Results of National Residue Plan Show Continuing Trend of Low Numbers of Positives 09 July 2015
Coveney Introduces Measures to Protect Sensitive Habitats in Blacksod Bay 09 July 2015
Minister Coveney Welcomes EU Fisheries Commissioner to Ireland 09 July 2015
Marine Plan could deliver an additional 29,000 jobs and €2.7bn to Economy - Coveney 10 July 2015
Ministers Coveney & Phelan Launch Two Initiatives under CEDRA for Social Farming and Local Food-Artisan Markets 10 July 2015
Coveney Launches €3M Grant Scheme to Support Collaborative Farming 13 July 2015
Coveney Announces Launch of Consultation Process on Country of Origin Labelling of Non-Prepacked Meat 13 July 2015
Coveney Calls for Further Action by Commission on Dairy Market Support Measures 13 July 2015
Farm Improvement Plan Presents Excellent Opportunity to Enhance Farming Enterprises, says Coveney as He Launches the Next Stage of Knowledge Transfer Measure 17 July 2015
Coveney Strengthens Legal Protection of Geographical Indications for Food Products 17 July 2015
Coveney Announces Plans to Double the Size of Dinish Wharf in Castletownbere and an Additional €5M Package of Investment for 2015 in Harbour Development Works 20 July 2015
Minister Coveney Launches Report on Safety, Training & Employment in the Irish Fishing Industry & Commits €5.6M to Training in the Fishing Industry to 2020 20 July 2015
National Farm Safety Awareness Day - 21st July 2015 21 July 2015
Beef Sector Enjoying Renewed Confidence in 2015 21 July 2015
Minister Coveney Launches Pot Fishing Consultation 22 July 2015
Coveney Announces Launch of €175M TAMS Schemes 23 July 2015
Hive of Activity: Minister Tom Hayes Opens Beekeepers Summer School 27 July 2015
Coveney Strengthens Legal Protection for Irish Whiskey, Irish Poitín and Irish Cream 27 July 2015
Minister Hayes launches €8 million Organic Capital Investment Scheme 30 July 2015
Department Announces Interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements Available Online 30 July 2015



Coveney Opens Tullamore Show 09 August 2015
Hayes Launches Investment of €5M in New Grant Scheme for the Development of the Organic Processing Sector 12 August 2015
Coveney Announces Launch of New €17M Pig & Poultry Scheme Under TAMS II 13 August 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Extension to Knowledge Transfer Advisor Registration Deadline 14 August 2015
Coveney Extends TAMS I Closing Date Where Work has Already Started 26 August 2015
A New Cedra Funded Initiative Seeks Up to 50 Early-Stage Rural Based Female Entrepreneurs for a Business Development Initiative 27 August 2015
Hayes Presents 'Better Milking Skills Course' Certificates to Sucessful Participants 27 August 2015
Coveney Calls for Swift Action to Restore Market Confidence in the Dairy and Pigmeat Sector 28 August 2015



It Begins With Me - How the World can end hunger in our lifetime - Expo Centre Milan - 6th September 2015 - 7 pm CET 06 September 2015
Coveney Co-Hosts World Food Programme Event 05 September 2015
Coveney Announces €60 Million in Funding for UN Refugee Programme 06 September 2015
Coveney Calls on Commission to Deliver a Comprehensive Package of Support to Address the Current Crisis in the Dairy and Pigment Sectors 07 September 2015
Coveney Kicks off Irish Food Promotional Mission in Chicago 08 September 2015
Minister Determined to Negotiate Positive Outcome for Irish Farmers in €500 Million Package 08 September 2015
Coveney Hosts Major Event for Irish Beef in Chicago 09 September 2015
Coveney Concludes Trade Mission to the US with Launches in Chicago of Irish Dairy Products 10 September 2015
Coveney Co-Hosts Major China-Ireland Food Safety Forum 14 September 2015
Hayes Opens Teagasc 'Talking Timber' Event in Carlow 15 September 2015
Coveney Delivers Substantial Aid Package for Irish Farmers 15 September 2015
TAMS II - Extension to the Closing Date of the First Tranche of the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme 18 September 2015
Coveney Announces Payments Worth €117 Million under 2015 Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme and Increase in Protein Aid 22 September 2015
Forestry Planting Programme Now Open - Hayes 22 September 2015
Minister Hayes Presents Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme Certificates to Successful Companies at the National Ploughing Championships 23 September 2015
Minister Coveney and O'Neill Announce Major Changes to Brucellosis Controls 23 September 2015
Minister of State Phelan Announces First Payments from Rural Innovation and Development Fund 24 September 2015
Hayes Launches Native Woodland Conservation Scheme 25 September 2015
Hayes Welcomes Strengthening of Bord na gCon Regulatory Controls 28 September 2015
Coveney Announces Nationwide Series of Information Meetings with BDGP Participants 29 September 2015
Coveney Hosts First Meeting of Dairy Forum Focus on Market Developments and Price Volatility 29 September 2015
Coveney Hosts First Meeting of the High Level Implementation Committee for Food Wise 2025; Announces Continued Funding of Agricultural Catchment Programme 30 September 2015
MOS Phelan Addresses First "Acorns" Developmental Forum in Support of Female Rural Entrepreneurs 30 September 2015
Coveney Announces the Commencement of Payment for Island Farming Under the 2015 Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme 30 September 2015



Minister Coveney Inspects Progress on €6M Dredging Works at Dunmore East Fishery Harbour Centre 05 October 2015
Minister Phelan Announces Funding of Over €3.7 Million for Rural Economic Development Zone (REDZ) Pilot Projects 29 September 2015
Minister Coveney Announces 2015 Call for Research Proposals 06 October 2015
Hayes Highlights Importance of Wood Fuel 07 October 2015
Coveney Announces Further Series of BDGP Participants Meetings 07 October 2015
New Burren Scheme to Open Next Year, Says Coveney 09 October 2015
Coveney Secures €109 Million Increase for Agri-Food Sector in Budget 2016 13 October 2015
Hayes Welcomes Increased Funding for Forestry, Horticulture, Organics and Greyhound Sectors in Budget 2016 13 October 2015
MOS Phelan Welcomes Budget allocation for the Continuation of the Rural Innovation and Development Fund in DAFM 13 October 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Advance Payments of €620 Million Under the 2015 Basic Payments Scheme (BPS) 14 October 2015
Coveney Launches Second Tranche of GLAS 19 October 2015
Coveney Welcomes International Negotiations on Mackerel Stock in Clonakilty 20 October 2015
Coveney Welcomes New International Markets for Irish Beef and Sheepmeat 22 October 2015
Coveney Attends EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Luxembourg 22 October 2015
Minister Coveney Outlines the Next Steps for the Hen Harrier Locally Led Agri-Environment Scheme 23 October 2015
Minister Coveney Welcomes Mackerel Deal Giving Irish Fisherman 75,000 Tonne Quota for 2016 27 October 2015
Illegal Puppy Trade Must Stop - Coveney 28 October 2015
Farmers Charter Monitoring Committee 29 October 2015
Hayes Launches €4.3m Investment Aid Scheme for the Commercial Horticulture Sector 30 October 2015



Statement from Minister Coveney 03 November 2015
Government Establishes Taskforce on Allegations Regarding Treatment of Workers on Irish Fishing Trawlers 03 November 2015
Coveney Announces Appointments to the Veterinary Council of Ireland 05 November 2015
Government Taskforce on Allegations Regarding Treatment of Workers on Irish Fishing Trawlers Holds First Meeting 06 November 2015
Coveney Meets EU Commissioner Vella to Highlight Issues of Importance for Irish Fishermen in Advance of the December Fisheries Council 09 November 2015
Coveney: Ireland's Ambition to be the Global Leader in Sustainable Food Production 10 November 2015
More Time Available to Apply for TAMS II 12 November 2015
Coveney Strongly Welcomes Reduction in Inspection Rates 16 November 2015
Ministers Coveney and Varadkar Welcome European Antibiotics Awareness Day 2015 and the First World Antibiotic Awareness Week 18 November 2015
Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney Launches New Webpage Providing Information and Advice on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) 18 November 2015
Liver Fluke Forecast November 2015 19 November 2015
Minister Coveney Outlines Details of Planned New Scheme for Non EEA Workers in Irish Fishing Fleet 20 November 2015
Minister Coveney Issues Reminder to Submit Genotyping Samples and Survey Data in Order to Secure December Payment Under Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) 23 November 2015
EU Commission Issues Irish Clearance of Accounts Letters 26 November 2015
Coveney Leads Largest Trade Mission to West Africa for Two Decades 30 November 2015
Hayes Launches Second Tranche of the Organic Farming Scheme 30 November 2015
Nigerian Agricultural Minister Confirms They Will do Business with Ireland at Bilateral Meeting Today 30 November 2015



Hayes Acknowledges Outstanding Achievements of Ireland's Exporting Sector 16 November 2015
Farmer BVD Supports to Continue in 2016 01 December 2015
Minister Hayes Addresses 'Future in Food' Conference in Croke Park 01 December 2015
New Locally-Led Burren Programme Opens 01 December 2015
Coveney Advancing Irish Business Interests in Nigeria 01 December 2015
Phelan Addresses All-Island Horizon 2020 Conference for Societal Challenge 2 01 December 2015
€50m Worth of Contracts Signed on West African Trade Mission - Minister Coveney 02 December 2015
Deadline for Submitting Nitrates Forms is 31st December 2015 02 December 2015
Coveney Concludes Nigerian Leg of West Africa Trade Mission before Moving to Ghana for Bilateral with Ghanaian Minister for Agriculture 03 December 2015
Basic Payment Scheme Balancing Payments Commence 03 December 2015
Coveney Continues Trade Mission in Ghana with a Focus on Expanding Opportunities for Irish Beef 03 December 2015
Minister Coveney Concludes Trade Mission to Africa with €50M of Business Deals for Irish Companies and Lasting Business Partnerships with Significant Future Prospects 04 December 2015
Coveney Announces Adoption of €241M EMFF Seafood Development Operational Programme 07 December 2015
2015 Sheep Goat Census Commences 09 December 2015
Coveney Announces Details of €27.4m Payments for the Dairy and Pig Sectors 10 December 2015
Coveney Announces €45 Million in AEOS Payments Before Christmas 10 December 2015
Coveney Launches Food Wise Implementation Plan 10 December 2015
Minister Coveney Prioritises Farm Safety and Animal Welfare in Current Severe Weather 11 December 2015
Minister Coveney Reminds Consumers of New Legal Rules for Buying Puppies in Advance of Christmas 11 December 2015
Minister Coveney Expresses Concern for Irish Fish Quotas ahead of Annual EU Negotiations 14 December 2015
Coveney Publishes Report of the Government Task Force on Non EEA Workers in Irish Fishing Industry 14 December 2015
Minister Coveney says Agriculture Can and Will do more on Climate Change 15 December 2015
Update for Farmers in Relation to Weather and Flooding Related Issues - Minister Coveney 15 December 2015
Coveney Secures €131m in whitefish Quotas for Irish Fishermen at EU Fisheries Council 16 December 2015
First Approvals for TAMS II on the Way 16 December 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Commencement of Payments under the BDGP 16 December 2015
Coveney Chairs Seventh Meeting of Beef Roundtable 17 December 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Commencement of Payments to Participants under the 2015 Sheep Technology Programme 17 December 2015
Hayes Welcomes New Members to the Board of Bord Na gCon 18 December 2015
Minister Coveney Awards Funding to Animal Welfare Organisations 18 December 2015
Coveney Announces Payments under €3M Protein Aid Scheme 21 December 2015
Coveney Confirms Commencement of Payments to Farmers under the Dairy Aid Package 21 December 2015
MOS Phelan Launches the Carlow Food Tourism Directory 22 December 2015
Minister Coveney Announces Payments under Beef Data Programme 2014 22 December 2015
Coveney announces additional €10m funding for the World Food Programme 24 December 2015
Farmers Receiving Fodder Support Due to Floods - Coveney 29 December 2015
First GLAS Payments Issue 30 December 2015